Sometimes a Break Really is as Good as a Holiday


Yes, I know we're already one month into the new year, but honestly, it's taken me that long to settle into 2024!

The holiday period was great - we visited family, ate lots of delicious food, and were all very happy with our gifts.

As the new year started, I began thinking about what's really important to me, and two things topped my list:

Health and Writing.

I won't go into too much detail here, but I have a handful of health issues that are causing me some problems, and I want to focus on getting the right help so I can continue growing into the best version of myself.

But along with these health issues comes the realization I can't do everything. I had to remove something from my life, and I found myself having to choose between going forward with my planned proofreading business or continuing to push my career as an author.

And well ... I can't just stop writing. That would be like asking someone to stop breathing. Thankfully, I may be able to get some financial support due to my health issues, meaning I can focus on my writing without having to take on extra work (like proofreading) to pay the bills.

So, with writing firmly in the forefront of my mind, I've decided to make some changes to what I'm doing with Ream and my stories.

Both my contemporary-romance ALL IT TAKES and my urban-fantasy novella SEEKING THE TRUTH will be available in weekly serial format for $5 a month, or if you'd prefer to read it all in one go, you can 'unlock' the whole novella for $10 a month.

Fellow author Kyra Lennon and I are releasing a wrestling-based story later this year, and we want to build it into a shared universe that will not only include our co-written story, but ALL IT TAKES, Kyra's Game On Series (which you can read on ReamStories too!), and an age-gap, rockstar romance from me.

As my updated bio says, reading and writing has always been an escape for me, and I really hope my stories offer those of you out there in need of a little respite an escape too!

That's all I have for you this week. So, until Friday, take care and read on.


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