Wings, Witches and Wonder Chapter Nine, and Other Updates

Chapter nine of WINGS, WITCHES AND WONDER, a weekly, serial paranormal-romance, web fiction on ReamStories is now available to subscribers of the Apprentice tier and above. Chapters 1-4 are now FREE to all tiers.

Additionally, chapters 1-4 of my urban fantasy novella, SEEKING THE TRUTH are free to all tiers.

I will also have a little Christmas surprise for everyone later in the month.

Plus, in the new year, I will be re-serializing ALL IT TAKES.

And if that's not enough content from me, here's a little snippet of the new paranormal story I've started working on, featuring a brooding vampire, and a witch on the run. Hopefully, this story will also be coming to Ream Stories in 2024!

In other news, this past Monday, Me, Kyra Lennon and Paula Grabow recorded the Christmas episode of the Write Here, Write Now podcast, with special guest, children's Christmas author, Kirsty-Louise Garbutt. Many laughs were had. I will let you know when the episode goes live, but if you want to follow our Facebook page, and take part in the regular discussions over there, here's where to find us.

And last but not least, speaking of Kyra Lennon, after a three-year publishing hiatus while she's been building the Write Here, Write Now Community, Kyra is releasing a new book. Her cute, grumpy/sunshine Christmas Romance, RE-WRITING CHRISTMAS is out on December 14, and it's AMAZING!

You can pre-order your copy here: 

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