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Jade Landon’s life is exactly where she wants it to be at twenty-five. She’s just been promoted to assistant makeup artist for one of the UK’s biggest TV networks, she has a great group of friends, and her whole future ahead of her.

Until ageing rock-star turned TV presenter Seth Marshall walks into her life. Despite being twenty-five years her senior, Jade and Seth hit it off instantly, and soon the whole network is buzzing about the two employees.

But a curve ball arrives in the form of Seth’s estranged wife and former Page Three model Tessa, and their teenage daughter Alexia. Even though their marriage is dead and buried, Tessa still wants to make life difficult for Seth, and Alexia is more than happy to play her part, especially as she doesn’t like that her father’s new girlfriend is only ten years older than she is.

With the media twisting their relationship, jealous co-workers causing conflict, and all the problems that come with Tessa’s alcohol problem, and Alexia’s reaction to her father’s new relationship, Jade and Seth start to feel the odds are stacked against them.

But the precious things in life are impossible to walk away from, and as they support each other through the various hardships, Jade and Seth realise every moment together is worth fighting for. 

Chapter One added 06/13/17: Wattpad | Fiction Press


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