WIP Joy Challenge - Day Twenty-Seven: Protagonists, Do You Sympathize With The Antagonist?

For the month of January, I'll be taking part in the WIP Joy Challenge, created by Bethany A. Jennings (found via a share from Adam.C.Macdonald).

(Please note, as this is protagonist takeover week, all posts are written by my age-gap romance protagonist Jade Landon). 

Haha! No.

If Courtney has redeeming qualities, she's certainly never shown them.

From my first day at G.E.M network, she's been nothing but mean to me; calling me names, taunting me, complaining my work wasn't as good as my colleagues.

Things have escalated since Seth and I got together. Courtney told the media about our relationship, so that reporters turned up outside the studio, and then she sold a story to one of the papers, saying that I was a gold-digging whore, who was only using Seth. 

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