WIP Joy Challenge - Day Thirteen: What's A Message About Relationships in your Book?

For the month of January, I'll be taking part in the WIP Joy Challenge, created by Bethany A. Jennings (found via a share from Adam.C.Macdonald).

The core key message about relationships in my age-gap romance is not to over-think things, or assume what the other person is thinking/ feeling, and to keep the lines of communication open.

Seth sums this up perfectly in a conversation with Jade early on in their relationship:

“Thank you for being honest with me.” 

“I want us to have a chance. If we decided later down the road there isn’t a spark there or whatever, we’ll deal with it. But I couldn’t bare thinking I’d messed things up before they even got going by not being open with you. That’s one mistake Tessa and I made, and I don’t intend to repeat it.”

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