WIP Joy Challenge - Day Four: Share A Line About Your Premise

For the month of January, I'll be taking part in the WIP Joy Challenge, created by Bethany A. Jennings (found via a share from Adam.C.Macdonald).

I think this snippet from my WIP age-gap romance pretty accurately sums up the premise: 

“There’s a few more things I need to know, first,” he said, his gaze never leaving mine. “When people find out were together, there’s going to be a lot of talk. The media are going to want to know who you are, and every man, woman and their dog will be offering their opinions on our private lives. I’ll speak to my manager, and make sure we get as much privacy as possible, but your family and friends are going to have opinions, and some of them might not be good ones. Are you sure you want that?”

“Honestly, that sounds like it will suck, but I was never under any disillusions that us being together would be a walk in the park. If I wanted a quiet life, I wouldn’t be here. I want you, Seth. I want that chance to see what develops between us, and if that means putting up with the media nosing in my life, or someone I’m close to telling me I’m making a mistake, so be it. It’s a small price to pay. I’m not walking away from this just because it will be difficult. Nothing worth a damn in life is ever easy.”


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