All It Takes: Chapter Eighteen

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Chapter Eighteen
Megan’s recent struggle to find a job, then been given the brush-off by the hotel she’d interviewed at, had made me focus on my own future, and the offer Davi had made to buy into the gym. 
Now I was getting my head together, I wanted to have a stable income for the future, and a way to provide for Megan and Ella. Even though Meg had insisted she didn’t need my help, I wanted an available income just in case. 
I’d probably spent more on random crap than I’d saved, but thanks to the large amounts I’d made in fight money and sponsorship deals, I had a decent lump sum of savings. I didn’t want to live on that though. How long would I have before it was all gone and I’d have nothing to fall back on? And, like Meg, I wanted to do something with my life. The break was great, and not having to focus on training or an upcoming fight had given me plenty of time to think, but I could feel the freedom slowly turning into frustration. I knew if I spent much longer with too much time on my hands, I’d start going crazy. 
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  1. Wonderful! I'm so into this story, the tension and excitement was there. I thought for sure they'd express their love for one another. Darn!

    1. THank you, Yolanda! Glad you're still enjoying the story! :D


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