All It Takes: Chapter Thirteen

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Hope you're all enjoying the summer. Being the winter baby that I am, I'm actually glad it's cooled down a little in the UK!

But if you need things to heat up even more, then how about checking out chapter thirteen of All It Takes?!

Thanks to Hubby for the edit, and the help with the fight scene. Love you! <3

Chapter Thirteen
Me and Stacey arrived at the Ferrum arena about six the evening of Kian’s fight. The doors opened at half-past, and by quarter-to we were seated. Surrounded by beautiful, model-like women, we sat about seven rows from the front. 
“This must be where they stick all the girlfriends,” Stacey said, her eyes shining in the dimmed arena. “You sure you and the nipper don’t want any food? I could grab us a hot dog if you want?” 
“I’m fine, Stace. I don’t think I could hold it down anyway.”
Stacey reached out a hand and placed it on top of mine. 
“Girl, the first time I saw Josh fight I thought I was gonna puke. Then when I saw him get punched in the face I wanted to jump in the cage claw the bastard’s eyes out. But that’d make him look like a sissy, so I didn’t.” 

“So not helping.”

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  1. Great episode, gosh what a rough fight! Love conquers all, I hope!


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