Y is for Yelling and All It Takes Chapter Eight

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited my X is for XRay post yesterday.  Today, for the letter Y, I have lots of yelling, as we see the TV interview from All It Takes chapter seven, only from Kian's POV. Enjoy ...

“Maybe you should have a few more of those muscle drinks.” Johnson said. 
Not funny, arsehole. 
I forced myself to smile. I wasn’t letting this fucker get to me. “Yeah, maybe that’s it.” 
    “So Kian, what is it about you that makes you so susceptible to injury? I know you lost a lot of fans following the accident, how did that affect your career?” 
Oh, here we go … Well, two can play at that game, pal. “Did I lose a lot of fans? I made a full recovery so it’s…” 
“Yes, but injuries never really heal do they?” 
Tosser. At least let me finish before you jump down my throat. “Doesn’t that depend on the…” 
    “There are plenty of fighters who’ve suffered an injury and just don’t have the drive to get back to 100 percent. There are people out there who think you can’t ever get back to full health.” 
    One … two … three. Not gonna punch him. Not gonna punch him. Four … five … six. “Ah, it’s like that then? Okay, well I’ve been training non-stop for the last...” 
    “But is that enough-” 
    My nostrils flared and I cracked my knuckles. “You cut me off again I swear I’m going to fucking hurt you. If I get injured, my goal is always to get fit, then get back into fighting shape. That’s the same with anyone who’s suffered an…” 
    “But can fighters ever really…” 
    For fuck’s sake! “You think ya funny mate? You trying to make a joke? Let’s see how pissed off you can make Murphy on your shitty little show?” 
    “No, of course not. But answer me this: Aren’t you worried someone much bigger and tougher is going to come along and end your career? The last time you faced Matthews, he dislocated your shoulder.” 
How fucking dare he. I bared my teeth in a snarl. “You think I’m scared? Do I look fucking scared?” 
I stood up from my chair and stalked towards him, stopping just a few inches in front of him. Close enough to see the sweat beading down his forehead. 
    “Kian, please. I’m just doing my job, please take a seat.” Johnson shuffled back. Doing his job my arse, he’d hated me since the moment we met. 
    “Yeah? And how about I do what I do right here, right now?” I jabbed my finger into his chest. 
    “All I meant was-” 
    “All you meant was,” I mocked. “You don’t think I can beat Matthews, do ya? You asked if I’m worried someone much bigger and tougher is going to end my career. I ain’t fucking scared of no one. No one, you fucking hack.” I threw the microphone to the floor, and towered over Johnson. 
“You’d fucking love that, wouldn’t ya, ya little snake? Seeing me get my arse beat. Get a kick out of it, wouldn’t ya? ‘Cos you’re too much of a pussy to do it yourself.” 
Johnson tried to stand, but I shoved him back in his seat. No way. I ain’t done having my say. “You, Matthews, you’re gonna be disappointed, ‘cos when I face him, I’m going to fucking kill him.”

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  1. That reporter just didn't know when to quit! Off to read the new chapter. :)

    1. Right?! Thanks for the comments on chapter eight. :)


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