X is X-Ray

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Today, for the letter X, I have sneak peek of a scene from forthcoming chapter fourteen. Enjoy...

The doctor lowered the x-ray slide, and peered at me from the end of my bed. 
“I’m afraid you’ve fractured your collar bone,” he said. “I can see from your medical notes you previously broke the bone a few years ago, and the recent injury you sustained has damaged it again.” 
I groaned, remembering how long it’d taken me to get back to fighting shape last time. “How long will I be out?” 
“I advise a minimum of two months before you can start rehabbing it.”
I rubbed my face, the muscles around my eyes and nose feeling tender from where Matthews had pummelled me. 
“And this?” I said, pointing to the laceration above my right eye. 
“We’ll take a look at the wound in a week, and if it’s healing well with no signs of infection, we’ll remove the stitches.” 
“Great. Thanks, doc.” 
“You’re welcome. Though after this, I would seriously reconsider your career choices. Fighting is taking a terrible toll on your body.” 
“Yeah. Thanks man. I will.” 
The doctor left, and the nurse returned to give me another round of antibiotics and painkillers. Then I fell into a fitful sleep, my subconscious replaying my fight with Matthews.

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  1. Oh oh. That doesn't sound good for Kian. Heading over to CQ! :)

  2. Worse part about being a fighter, the toll it takes on the body. That's for sure! Poor Kian.


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