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Today, for the letter W, I have sneak peek of what's to come in All It Takes. Enjoy ... 

So, what's to come in All It Takes as the story progresses? Well, coming up this Wednesday, we have chapter eight, where we'll see the interview Megan watched in chapter seven, from Kian's point of view, and the fallout from him attacking an interviewer on TV.

Here's a little taster...

Bennett yelled cut, the camera stopped filming, and he stormed towards me. 
“Kian man, chill. It’s okay. What’s gotten into you? 
“Him,” I said, spinning around to glare at Johnson, who was scrambling away. “Did you not hear the digs he was making?” 
“Who, Johnson? That guy’s a compete pain in the arse. This one time he yelled at one of the catering staff because his chips were ‘luke-fucking-warm!’ He’s a prima donna, don’t let him get to you, man.” 
“I know I shouldn’t, but the guy was egging me on, what would you have done if you were me? That tosser’s had it in for me since I arrived.”
The fallout from the interview, and Megan's subsequent conversation with Emilia Silva (coming up in chapter nine), push Megan and Kian in different directions, and Megan begins questioning her feelings for Kian. 

I don't want to give too much away, but chapter ten on wards will start bringing into play some life changing events, they'll set up for the end of the story!

Thanks for reading. If you're interested in reading All It Takes, it can be found at claredugmore.com

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