Z is for (Trading) Zingers!

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For the final day and letter Z, I have Zingers (thanks to Nikki Tetreault for the idea). A scene where Kian is trading pre-fight zingers/ insults with his opponent. Enjoy ... 

After fight-night, weigh-ins were my favourite part of MMA. A week before a scheduled match-up, the two competitors would meet face-to-face one final time before their fight, to make sure they'd made match weight.

Originally it was just a way to ensure both fighters were falling within their category, but somewhere along the line, it turned into something more. Fans started turning up, and with pre-fight adrenaline high, but competitors not allowed to lay hands on each other yet, the only way to best the other and show dominance was verbally. 

I pulled into the car park of Ferrum, my pulse racing and my mouth dry. Not much had changed in the few weeks since I'd been here last, apart from maybe my head space. I knew after the fight with Matthews I was moving onto bigger and better things, and I wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

At our fight, I was going to end him, and leave no question in anyone's mind who was the true Welterweight Champion, but before then I was going to tear him down with my tongue. If there was one thing I could do well, aside from fighting, it was dish out the insults. 

I headed to the locker room, and changed into my fight gear. The logo of my main sponsor, Frenzy Energy Drinks, in bright orange was a stark contrast to my black trunks.

After taping up my wrists and putting on my gloves, I was ready to go. I slipped on a pain of flip-flops and headed to the fight arena, where the media and fans were gathered.

As I walked down to the stage where the scales were set up, a chorus of boos and jeers rang out. My awful interview with Elliot Johnson had aired, and my already nefarious reputation has only gotten darker. 

Fuck 'em, I thought, flipping off a reporter who was yelling abuse. Cameras snapped, and I knew that little outburst would make the tabloid rags tomorrow.

Matthews was already on stage, standing to the right of the scales, a smug smile on his lips. I could tell by his posture, in his head he already had the fight won. He'd beaten me once, and reckoned doing it again would be child's play.

I've got new for you, pal. After I'm done with you today, you won't be wearing that gormless grin.

Taylor made the introductions, then me, him and Matthews posed for photos, mine and Matthews' fists raises.

When Matthews stepped aside, I climbed up onto the scales. The digital counter shot up, displaying 170 lb. Perfect weight. 

I stepped back as Matthew sauntered onto the scales, that inane smile still on his face, like the lights were on, but no one was home.

170 lb.

With us both making weight, nothing but time was stopping us from fighting.

Six days, three hours, forty-three minutes to go ...

Fans and media gathered around for the official announcement.

“Fighting from the blue corner, weighing 170 pounds, and hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, Benjamin Matthews.”

The crowd cheered as Matthews stepped forwards, and raised his hands; clapping his gloves together.

“And fighting from the red corner, weighing 170 pounds, and hailing from County Wicklow, Ireland, Kian Murphy.”

I stepped forward to a chorus of boos, and stopped myself from flipping everyone off. Instead, I strode towards Matthews, standing just centimetres from him. He was a few inches taller than me, and peered down at me.

“You see this?” I said, tapping the title belt around my waist. “You want it? You’re going to have to pry it off my cold, dead body.”

“Oh, I intend to. You think me dislocating your shoulder last time was bad? This time, I’m gonna tear both your arms out their sockets?”

“Yeah? Well, you heard what I did to Bagley in training. I had that kimura locked in so tight I broke his arm. But you won’t have to worry about me doing that. I’ve got something much more specific in mind for you. When I’m done, you won’t even have teeth so they can use your dental records to identify you from.
I’m gonna beat you so badly, blood will be flowing out of that cage like a river. You’re gonna pay for dislocating my shoulder, and thinking you could ever have my title.”

“You talk the talk, Murphy, but we all know you’re got a hot head, and not the finesse to beat me. You broke Bagley’s arm ‘cos he called you a pussy, that’s how easily taunted you are. He’s right, you are a pussy. And an idiot if you think you can keep me from that belt. You’re nothing but a yellow coward.”

My ears started ringing. Who the fuck was he to call me a coward. I clenched my fists to my sides and counted to ten.

“Coward, idiot, pussy. Call me what you want. They’ll only be calling you one thing when I’m through with it; dead.”

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  1. Oh I love a good trash talking before a fight! I hope Kian wipes the floor with him. :) I really enjoyed all of your posts from this A-Z Clare. I tried real hard to stop in as much as I could. Fighting a few of my own battles at the moment, but it's all good. Have a great weekend. WE made it. A-Z 2015- peace out!

    1. Thanks Jen, and thanks for all your comments. Congratulations on finishing the challenge to you too. Hopefully I can find time to catch up on all your posts. :)

  2. Congrats on finishing the Challenge! I loved it. :)

    1. Thank you, and thanks for visiting and commenting. :)


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