N is for Nursery

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited my M is for Megan Green post yesterday. 

Today, for the letter N I have snippet describing Megan's plans to decorate the baby's room. 


[Credit: Graphic made using Forest Friends Photshop Shapes By Maytel and KAWAii FACE BRUSHES by xlilbabydragonx]

“You know, you should design something for the baby’s room.” 
I giggled, stood up and walked back over to him. “Already one step ahead of you,” I said, leaning over Kian to pull something out of my portfolio. 
I handed him a sheet of paper on which I’d designed a scene I planned to have turned into a wall decal for the baby’s room. It was of a tree, covered in leaves and apples, with a bird sitting on one of the branches, and a squirrel running up the trunk. At foot of the tree sat a floppy eared rabbit eating a carrot. Each different element was coloured in bold, bright shades.  
“This is beautiful,” Kian said, holding the sketch in one hand as the other reached out to stroke my stomach. “The nipper’s gonna love it.” 
“Thanks.” I stroked my tummy, and as my fingers flittered across the bump, they brushed Kian’s. I looked down at our hands, fingertips almost touching, then pulled away. 

And for anyone interested in an A-Z Challenge based on the literary world, with writing, marketing and publishing tips etc. head on over to Curiosity Quills Press. Today CQ Marketing Director Nikki Tetreault is blogging about what the literary world means to her! 

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for O is for O'Neil's - the first part of All It Takes chapter one, where Megan and Stacey have a night out at O'Neil's club.

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  1. Oh! So cool you made an image just for that scene! :)

  2. Sweet scene. Very tender. And I like the image too.

  3. Very tender scene, indeed. Love the picture of the nursery, too.

  4. A very fun nursery.
    Enjoy the A to Z Challenge
    I'm at Moondustwriter


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