Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope 2015 has gotten off to a wonderful start for you all, and that the year ahead is filled with health, happiness and prosperity!

Thank you all for the support and encouragement throughout 2014. <3

I only have one resolution this year ... to let things go!

I often get caught up worrying about what I haven't done, what I've failed to achieve, my short-comings. Rather than focusing on what I have done. Sure I may not have accomplished everything I'd have liked to in 2014, but there's a LOT of things I did do, and I'm proud of that.

Moving onto 2015, I've made a decision about my writing career. While I still very much love the story of my urban-fantasy "Liches, Lipstick and Love" I'm finding revisions impossible. While thinking what the problem could be, I came upon a realization. I am not used to writing a manuscript, then revising it, sending it to critique partners etc.

Before I took part in my first NaNoWriMo, I wrote fan-fiction. I'd have an outline for the story, then write, edit and publish a new installment every week. This was good for me for many reasons. It allowed me to do a little at a time, and fit writing in around the rest of my life. In small chunks, a novel didn't seem as overwhelming. And finally, by publishing a serialized story, I got regular feedback from readers, which motivated me to continue.

For me, writing has never been about the money, and that's even more true now that Hubby and I are comfortably earning a regular amount each month. I love my job at CQ, and wouldn't want to leave it, but I still want to write. Just not "professionally". I just want people to read my stories, and for them to get a few hours/ days enjoyment and escapism from something I've created.

Which is why I've decided to go back to serialized content, though now it will be original fiction rather than fan-fiction (which I still dabble in here and there over on my Tumblr).

I'm hard at work on a story I've drafted about eight chapters of a few years ago. I'm currently rewriting, revising and polishing it into shape, with the aim to begin serializing with the first installment on my Third Blogiversary on January 21, 2015.

I plan on posting installment links here on my blog, with the actual content on Wattpad (and other site I find, so recommendations are welcome!)

For those interested, here is the cover and synopsis.

All It Takes is one night to change the rest of their lives.

Graduating Uni, travelling Europe and buying her own place – these are on Megan Green’s to-do list.

At just twenty-two, becoming a mother isn’t.

Fast cars, expensive clothes and bedding a different women every night – this is how Kian Murphy spends his time when not in the MMA ring. 

Pre-natal scans and birthing classes are not on his agenda.

After a chance meeting and passionate encounter, Megan finds herself pregnant with Kian’s child. But with a womanizing reputation, and a temper that often leads him into trouble, Kian is hardly boyfriend material, let alone father material.

Now Megan and Kian must work out if they have All It Takes to turn their one-night-stand into a relationship that will connect them for a life-time.

All It Takes is a dual-POV new-adult, contemporary-romance about responsibility, love and discovering who you are in life. 

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  1. This is quite a story. All it Takes seems to have some heavy stuff. But also touching and intriguing. Will be looking out for more on this one Clare. I love writing fan fiction. Hardly did any last year but getting back on the horse this year. Writing is a love for me. Money or no. Best of luck with all your goals for the New Year.

    1. Thanks, Sheena-kay. It is heavy stuff, but I *hope* I can handle it. ;)

      I love fan-fiction, and still write a little here and there. Alas, if only there were more hours in the day!

      Happy New Year! I hope your 2015 is wonderful.

  2. Happy new year! :) That is an excellent resolution. One I still sometimes have trouble with myself. I cannot wait to read All It Takes. I'm happy you found what makes you happy.

    1. Thanks, Christine, and Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. You are one busy lady and it makes sense to set priorities - I like your plan. You're still writing, and that's what's great! Love the premise, and the conflict, should make for a very interesting journey!

    Good luck, and thanks again for all your hard work!


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