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A few weeks ago, I was tagged by new CQ author Samantha Dunaway Bryant, and I’m finally finding time to take part in the Introduce Your Main Character Bloghop.

Thanks for the tag, Samantha!

CW Arrow's Emily Bett Richards
would make the perfect Roxie
1. What is the name of your main character? Are they fictional or a historic person?

Roxie Whitmore, and she’s fictional.

2. When and where is the story set?

Present time, West Midlands UK. I didn’t base the story in a real city, but invented one, named Stourley, by combining elements of different cities in the Midlands.

3. What should we know about them?

Roxie is just an ordinary 22-year-old, who’s thrown into an extraordinary world.

She’s recently graduated university with a marketing degree, and has landed a lucrative job with Farley Cosmetics; one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies.

Only her first day doesn’t go as planned, when Roxie discovers her new boss, Catherine Farley, is a lich (supernatural creature) that feeds on other people’s souls.

Soon she’s caught up with the Order of the Ancile – an ancient group of supernatural creature hunters – and agrees to help defeat Catherine.

Now, she has to put her faith and trust in strangers, and make sense of what she discovers, while overcoming the insecurities and issues of being betrayed and lied to in the past.

4. What is the main conflict? What messes up their life?

There’s a few factors, actually. The main one is obviously Catherine Farley, and as soon as Roxie discovers what Farley is capable of, she wants to help the Order of the Ancile defeat Catherine.

However, Roxie also has trust issues, and is somewhat insecure, especially when it comes to guys. These insecurities complicate matters when she starts to fall for one of the Ancile members, Sol.

Now Roxie has to balance her growing feeling for Sol and get over her fear that if she lets him in he’s going to hurt her, while working with the Ancile to devise a way to defeat Catherine and protect the city of Stourley.

5. What is their personal goal?

Again, there’s a few. The main one is to defeat Farley and make sure no more innocent people die because of her. She also starts wondering about the Order of the Ancile, and how they deal with certain situations regarding civilians, which makes her want to join them so she can help improve their relationships with those effected by the supernatural.

Then there’s her growing feelings for Sol. Roxie needs to be sure she isn’t going to get her heart broken, and that once the threat of Farley is gone, things with her and Sol won’t just fizzle away.

6. Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

Yes. I’ve very recently settled on title I like, after months of brain storming. The whole series (I have six books planned) will be called The Order of the Ancile, and book one is “Liches, Lipstick and Love.”

You can find out more about it by reading through the Order of the Ancile tag.

7. When can we expect the books to be published?

Publishing is a long way off, I’m currently revising the manuscript based on the feedback from my awesome critters. But I aim to have it query/ pitch ready by the end of the year.


About Samantha Dunaway Bryant:

Samantha Bryant believes in love, magic, and unexplainable connections between people. Her favorite things are lonely beaches, untamed cliff tops, sunlight through the leaves of trees, summer rains, and children's laughter. She has lived in many places, including rural Alaska, Kansas, Kentucky, Vermont, England and Spain. She is fierce at heart, though she doesn't look it. (The shorter version is: Dangerous When Bored).

Samantha can be found at her blog, here:


  1. Sounds like Roxie has landed in a fascinating world!

  2. Oh she's gorgeous!! :) I really loved this story when I first read it. :) Thanks for the tag, Clare!

  3. Roxie has a lot to deal with plus her boss will be super pissed an employee is trying to off her. Great post Clare and I love the title you gave the series. Sounds Mystical.

  4. When your boss is a lich, it's time to find a new job...

  5. Thank you for this great article! Setting up the story with intrigue and empathy is so important, something a lot of writers forget when they get swept up in the excitement of putting pen to paper. Here is an article I wrote called "Introducing a Character, Not a Bore" that I thought you might enjoy:


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