June IWSG: Which Path is the Right One?

June is here, and a new month means it's time for another Insecure Writer's Support Group post!


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Thanks to Alex for organizing the IWSG, and June's awesome hosts. Every month, I come to appreciate this group more and more. I'm so appreciative it exists, and thankful for all the hard work you guys put into it! <3


This month I'm wondering, Which Path is the Right One? Which is funny, since my last in-depth blog post was as part of Carrie Butler's How I Found the Right Path BlogHop.

And for one part of my writing journey, I have found the right path. In the realms of drafting and revising, I know where I'm going, and years have experience have taught me what works for me, and what doesn't.

But, I'm about to embark on uncharted territory. That fabled land after revisions.

My new-adult paranormal-romance/ urban-fantasy is in the safe hands of my critters (Man, I love that term for them! ^_^), and the feedback I've received so far has been positive.

So, what comes next? Do I start querying small presses and entering pitch contests? Do I start seeking an agent? Or do I pursue self-publishing?

I honestly don't know. All three options appeal to me for different reasons, all three having their own pros and cons.

I just wonder ... which will be right for me, my story and my writing career? I honestly don't know, and I'd love some feedback from people already published. So, if you're willing, please share your experiences with querying, pitching, and self-publishing. All comments are welcome.

And, if you're still unpublished like me, or don't feel like sharing, feel free to talk about your own insecurity. I'm happy to listen, and help anyway I can.

Have a great June, everyone, and good luck on your literary endeavors for the month!


  1. I can't really tell you anything about what I did that you don't already know lol. I made mistakes with self-publishing, but I am glad I made them and I'm glad I self-published because I very much liked being in control. But now I'm ready to try something different.

    My best advice is, if you aren't decided which road to go down, you're probably not ready just yet. When you're ready, you'll know - trust your instincts. :D

  2. I agree with Kyra. I've done all of it. Queried, live and online pitches and self publishing was the way to go for me. I didn't have the patients to find someone who loved it my book as much as I do. I enjoyed the self publishing process and found some amazing people to work with.

  3. It's so hard to choose, especially with all the options available these days! After unsuccessfully querying two children's books, I ended up approaching small presses only for the Darkworld series, because agents weren't taking on much YA paranormal. I knew self-publishing wasn't right for me purely for financial reasons, although I've still had to do a fair bit of marketing. I'm hoping to find an agent for my latest MG manuscript, because I think children's books still do best in traditional publishing. Sometimes it can help to look at the book itself and see where you think it fits best, but ultimately it's up to you - I know writers who've found success with all three paths. :)

  4. What Kyra said.
    Either way, get all the information on all three options before jumping in. I went small press because the other two ends of the spectrum seemed too scary.

  5. I think, throughout our writing journeys we have to find the write path a few times depending on the struggles we encounter, and what our goals are. You may have to meditate on each of the options open to you to find out which would be better for you and your story. You may even start out querying agents and then change your mind and purse small presses. That's okay! I have a small publisher, but I'll be querying agents for future projects. I also have a couple of projects I'll be self-publishing. It all depends on the story. Be patient and you'll figure it out. :)

  6. I think it will be scary no matter which path you choose. I self-published and enjoy having all control and all that, but we're all so different. I hope you find your right path soon, if nothing else I'd say try out the pitch contests at least first. It wouldn't hurt. :)

  7. Don't jump into the rabbit hole of self-publishing just yet. My recommendation would be to put out feelers to agents, I really wish I had before self-publishing. As everyone else has mentioned, just research and get information before making your choice... you'll know which is right for you.

  8. I've still got all this to come, and that kind of terrifies me! It's a long way off, though. Good luck figuring it out!

  9. So exciting. You could try Roane Publishing. They are smallbut honest. I'm in there PORTAL anthology. Good luck with it. I'm sure someone will grab it :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  10. It's a tough decision. Years ago before I had my kid, I queried publishers and agents. I had interest, but I did not know how to market myself and my work. I wasn't ready. When I self-published after having a baby, it was the best choice because I had limited time. I couldn't sign a contract with anyone because I never knew when I have the time to do the work needed. Plus, I really do love the control self-publishing gives you. Now I'm querying again because I'd like help marketing and getting to new readers. I'll still self-publish, but I'd like a helpful boost a publisher can give me. You've got to look at your own situation and what suits you and your work best. You'll find your way. :)

  11. I think everyone should do some querying with agents to get a feel for what was once the exclusive publishing world. I researched and submitted query letters to *** agents who were listed under the Mystery genre (I left the actual number out so as not to discourage anyone.) When self-publishing became such an attractive and possible option, I went that route. I learned so much from the experiences of formatting for trade and ebooks, making decisions on price and cover, etc., and then stepping into the marketing arena.
    Best of success in whatever route you choose for yourself.

  12. Congrats on getting to this stage! You're right - it can be so confusing to see the "right" path. In any case, though, I think researching agents and working on your query level will give you skills and insights about the industry that will be helpful even if you decide to go the self-pubbed route. I know it did for me. Good luck!


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