NaNoWrimo '12 Progress: Day Seven & Eight

 Day: Seven and Eight

Where I should be: 13328

Where I actually am:

Word count for today:
1073 (D7) & 3180 (D8)

Favourite line from today's writing:
With only my long t-shirt-come-nightdress and nickers, and his jogging bottoms separating us, things soon become heated, as I press Leto down into the couch, and straddle his lap.

Experiences of the Day: Yesterday was a struggle for me. I had some stuff going on at home, and didn't manage to write until the evening. No matter how hard I pushed myself, the words weren't coming. I finished the day tired, and behind the daily target for the first time this NaNoWriMo.
Today more than made up for it, and I wrote 3k, in large thanks to word wars with Kyra Lennon. Competing really brings out the best in me, and I stop myself from procrastinating. All in all, I'm happy with my progress, where the story is heading, and am looking forwards to the rest of NaNo.

I'd just like to say thanks for all the supportive comments on these entries, and on the 'I’m Thankful For My Readers Bloghop!' and today's earlier post. I am trying to reply to all of them, it's just taking me a little longer than usual. I do really appreciate your support though.


  1. Congrats on todays massive word count! I'm liking your little snippets, this book sounds some what saucy :P

    1. Thank you, and glad you're enjoying the snippets. Apparently sex is my go-to place when trying to boost my word count! ;)

  2. Heavy indeed. Glad you made up your word count.

  3. Awesome! Love that line too. Is it weird to say I like the word nickers? Saying panties isn't as fun. Hehehe!


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