NaNoWrimo '12 Progress: Day Nine

Day: Nine

Where I should be: 15,000

Where I actually am:

Word count for today:

Favourite line from today's writing:
He starts strumming a winding melody, full of little intricacies that aren’t usually found in his rock style. For some reason the song makes me think of walking through a field on a summer’s day, and being surrounded by butterflies. It’s quite lovely, and very uplifting.

Experiences of the Day: Today is the first time this NaNo where I've written something, then looked back and thought is this any good. There are words, lovely words even, but do they do anything to progress the story. I fear they're all fluff and filler, and will have to be cut in revisions. Sometimes that's the trouble with NaNoWriMo, and have to write a certain amount of words in a day!


  1. It will be good! Congratulations on your word count.

  2. I like that line. Sometimes I have those days. I've cut down on my descriptions over the years (I used to be very long-winded!), and yet I still wonder if I need to be more concise. That's what revising is for later. I know a writer who wrote 1000 words about a woman taking a normal shower one year during NaNo. Now that's filler! :)

  3. awesome!! keep it up girl!!! fluff is ok, especially with peanut butter on bread...then we call it fluffernutters :)


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