NaNoWrimo '12 Progress: Day Four


Day: Four

Where I should be: 6664

Where I actually am:

Word count for today:

Favourite line from today's writing:
My high is soon deflated when I take my break, and see a girl in her early twenties, with glossy blonde hair and perky breasts, being interviewed to take over my position come Friday. Great, I’m being replaced by friggin’ Barbie!

Experiences of the Day: Didn't get a chance to write until this evening today, but thankfully managed almost 2k in two hours. Nothing major has happened, but the story is ticking along nicely. Had fun trying to think of a pseudonym for my antagonist, Abraxas. Thought Sax Arab might be a little obvious! Finally settled on Byron Saxton – and yes, I know it's the name of a guy in WWE developmental, and I'll have to change it in edits. But damn, I love that name!

How is everyone else getting on?


  1. Well done on the word count! Sounds like you had a very productive evening!

    Byron Saxton is a cool name!

    1. Thank you! I did :D

      It is a wicked name, I don't want to change it!

  2. You're still ahead - keep writing!

  3. You're doing awesome thus far Clare! Keep up the good work and continue writing! :)

  4. That is a great name! And for those of us that don't know the WWE, it's a new name! You're doing wonderfully. Almost time for my little guy to go to bed and then The Walking Dead and more writing. :)

    1. Thanks, Christine! I love the name, shame I can't keep it! :(

      Oh, the Walking Dead was so great this week. I may have to do a personal blog post about it. :)

  5. You always rock this! I wish I had the discipline to do it.

    And Byron Saxton is a cool name, it reminds me of a football player.

    1. Thanks Jay! You'd be surprised how little discipline you need actually.

      It is a very cool name, shame I can't keep it. :D


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