Its the Final Countdown


I start NaNo tomorrow. I'm so excited and geared up for it.

I have a basic plot outlined, the main characters bullet pointed, and some notes on the minor characters. For me that's enough to start with.

I also have my opening ratting around in my head, waiting to explode onto the paper.

I'm so psyched.

Also, Ad started to read Destiny's Road  today and gave me some really great feedback on the prologue. I feel confident that when I start on draft two of it I'll have lots of positive stuff to work with.

I'm feeling in a really good place with both novels, and hope I can keep the momentum up in the coming month.

Thanks for reading, and please check back for updates, as I begin NaNo and work on that word count.


  1. Are you doing your own NaNo? Why aren't you doing it in November like everybody else?

  2. Yeah, sort of. I'm still signing up to the NaNo site, and will enter my daily word count on there etc. I'm just doing it a month early becasue I've got less free time in November, and didn't want to miss out.


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