Back again quickly before I head off for bed.

Tonight, in my excitement to get started tomorrow, I've written a basic summary of my intended story, and thought I'd share it here, just so you can all get a feel for what this novel will be about.


In a world where magical powers are common place, the non-magical community, The Benighted, have turned to the government for protection.

Now, “The Champions of the Benighted” monitor and regulate those born with abilities.

If you're lucky, you're sent to a local coven, and the most you'll see of “The Champions of the Benighted” is your guardian, who watches over you and makes sure you don't break the rules of society, or abuse your powers.

If you're not so lucky, you end up in Arcane Abilities Alignment Centre an underground military prison facility, where those who abuse their powers are sent.

Yet on the outskirts of lawfulness, an uprising is building. Those with abilities who don't want to be constantly watched over, and feel oppressed by the rules and regulations of The Champions, are gathering supporters.

And one man hold the key. Caleb. A powerful witch imprisoned sixteen years previously for his crimes against humanity.

The outlawed witches think that releasing Caleb from prison will tip the magical war in their favour, and plan to break into the Arcane Abilities Alignment facility.

Who will stop them?

Enter Esmee, Maggie and Nola. Triplets, separated at birth after the death of their parents, who have recently come into their powers, and find themselves at the Arcane Abilities Alignment facility on the night the outlawed witches try to break free Caleb.

Rescued by a strangely familiar witch called Betty, and her unorthodox companion, Sebastian, who is a trainee Champion of the Benighted, Esmee, Maggie and Nola quickly find themselves learning about the magical world, their new powers and their involvement in the coming war.

Can sisters who have spent a decade and a half apart now unite to save the magical world they've only just discovered, or will external forced rip them apart when they've only just met.

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back tomorrow with an update about how my first day has gone. 

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