Weekly Update: 30-01-2010

Well, despite having a very busy week with real life commitments this week, I've still managed to write 3700 words since I last updated my word count, bringing my over-all total to 67, 144.

As I have no plans so tomorrow, I'm  hoping to make some real progress and reach 70k.

The story is moving along nicely, too. Forbe and Co. and well out of Kanos and back with Gillious. Plus now the "recently reunited info exchange" had taken place, I can get moving on the action. Time for Forbe to continue his magical training, and possible the appearance of a side character the recently met, who has found himself in some trouble since parting company with Forbe and Co.

Also helping the process along is the cool macro/ plug-in for Open Office that allows you to have a word count button in the toolbar, in stead of having to access it through the tools menu. Its super easy to install and use, too. I love it. For Open Office users who are interested in it, more information can be found here.

And now, in stead of just me telling you all about my novel, I thought I'd post a little excerpt instead. This is from the scene where Forbe's magical powers are first unbound.

At last, they reached the edge of the woods, and came out on the western coast of Elanya. Far ahead of him in the distance, Forbe could see the sea. However, between him and the mass of water was a large, green field, and then the cliff-face of the coast.

"Yes, this will do perfectly," Gillious said, dismounting his horse, and detaching his pack from it's saddle. Forbe did the same. "Right, Forbe, I need you to stand in the very middle of the field. I will be on the outskirts with the horses. Hopefully that will be a safe enough distance that we won't get hit by any of the discharge."

"You've spoken of discharge and an expulsion of power. This isn't going to hurt me, is it?"

"No. While the process very well may be uncomfortable, I promise no harm will come of you."

"Okay," Forbe replied, and made his way to the centre of the field as Gillious had instructed.

And so it begins, he thought.

When Forbe was in place, Gillious cleared his mind, and then raised his voice.

"Power of the elements, that were bound within this body, be free now. What was done by myself, and the Lady Rosalie Greenwood now undo. Forces of the natural world, come forth and fill this body. Fire, Wind, Water and Nature, be his to command."

Forbe felt the ground beneath his feet tremble, and a wave of power wash over his body. It left him tingling from head to foot, and suddenly, his vision seemed blurry. Even though Gillious and the horses were only on the edge of the field, he could no longer clearly make them out, when he had been able to just moments before.

"Plants of the earth, cover his body, and awake in Forbe the power to command nature."

And then, the ground under his feet erupted. From the broken spoil sprang leafy vines, and they began wrapping themselves around his legs.

For a moment, Forbe panicked and tried to struggle free. But then he heard Gillious' voice in the distance.

"Don't worry, and keep still. Its all part of the process."

And so, Forbe did as he was told, and let the vines work their way up his legs. Creeping slowly, they covered his torso. And then, they wound around his shoulders, and down his arms, until the vines were twisting around his fingers. With slight trepidation, he allowed the vines to climb up and twist around his neck, rising higher until they were covering his head too. Finally, Forbe's whole body was covered in the vines, and all that could be seen in the middle of the field was a leafy stature of a man.

The ground rumbled again, and the vine bound statue that was Forbe shook slightly.

"Winds of the heavens, come now," Gillious called. "And free in him the power to command the air currents of the world."

And there you have it, the first part in the process to unbind Forbe's magical powers. I hope you enjoyed it, and you can read the rest when if the novel is published.

Thanks for reading. I'll be back next week with another update. I hope you will continue to follow and support me on my journey to write my first novel.

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