Update: Moving Slowly.

Another quiet and slow week, to be honest. Though, I am getting back into things now.

I've only written 1,346 words since I last updated, bringing my over-all total to 63,443.

I'm finally out of Kanos though. And, after a quick stop-off at a guard's tower, Forbe and Co. wll be back in the company of Gillious. Then things will kick off again!

Hopefully, I'll make some progress this week.

Thanks for reading, and keep checking back for updates.


  1. Hello Clare this is uncle Michael here I was thinking of you tonight I met Eleni, Lisa, Alan,Marie,Alex,Hanna, Chritine &The old pot at the wylde green. The first thing Iasked was"is Clair writing a book" I have seen your wall but not clicked on your page, so was looking at word count. How are you myself, Sarah, Anna & Fergus are living with granny, but thats another storey. Good luck with the book I would love to read it when finished x

  2. Hey Michael. Yes, I'm writing a fantasy novel, and then hoping to get it published, eventually. We're all good thank you; just getting ready for up coming birthdays. Hope you, Sarah, Anna & Fergus are all well. Talk to you son. x


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