The Nature of Shape-shifters

I haven't done nearly as much writing recently as I'd have liked to. Mostly because of the evil-illness-of-evil (tm), but also because I hit a block today, and it took me a long time to get past it.

The problem I was having was deciding on the nature of Shape-shifters in my story. I have a country, called Kanos, where a lot percentage of the population can shape-shift into various animals (there's one who can even turn into a unicorn!), and as one of these Shape-shifters is a secondary character, and starts travelling with the hero, I had to devide on the nature of my Shifters.

Do their clothes change with them? And if not, what happens after they've transformed back into a human?

In the end, I was going around in circles, with nothing sticking, and getting very little done on the actual narrative of the story. And so, I left a note in the margin saying "see document 'The Nature of Shape-shifters'" and then in afformentioned document, I jotted down some bullet points about what Shifters can and can't do.

In case you're wondering, they DON'T have magical transforming clothes. Its one of my per-peeves in litrature, movies, comics, etc.

But, due to this block, I've gotten little done today. Though, I'm plodding along slowly. I'm on 58,316 words in total!

Hopefully, I can get some more done tomorrow, and really break ground with this section. I'm in a sort of transgressional piece, and while there's a lot of information about the culture of Kanos, and they ways of the Shape-shifters, I'm also dying to get back to Elanya, and into the action again.

Another point that bemused me for five minutes was the difference between leapt and leaped, and other such words. I finally found out that ending in "t" is the UK English spelling, and ending in "ed" is the US English spelling, so I'm alright there!

Thanks for reading, and please check back for more updates.


  1. Shape-Shifter into Unicorn = AWESOME!

  2. *rotfl* I don't think unicorn exist in my world. Though, it would fit tobias (my shape-shifter) very well! ;)


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