End of Year Update

Just a quick update today. Things are going well on the novel front since getting back to it. I reached 57, 027 words today. The progress is being greatly aided by my lovely new laptop. It's a HP Mini 100-1100, with Windows 7 starter, and a built in webcam. We're thinking about upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium.

I'm really enjoying it again, too. World building - making up ever the smallest of characters, or inventing words, or the origins of a culture - is so much fun. And so rewarding seeing this world come to life.

I also like how they story is coming along, too. Though nothing really action packed is happening, the wheels are been set in motion for the climax. Plus, along the way, there's a lot to be learned (is it learned or learnt?) about the shape-shifting clans of Kanos. So much fun!

Though, I need to at some point, work on these character profiles for Lisa, so that she can do me some character sketches. I know, off the top of my head, what everyone looks like, but I need to think of the finer details of what makes a certain character who they are. Things like eye shape, complexion etc. It might be a good exercises for me to do when I take a break from the narrative for a bit.

That's all I guess really. I hope I can keep this momentum up over the New Year, and when boy goes back to school.

Everyone have a happy, healthy and safe New Year, and I'll be back soon with another update.

Thanks for reading.

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