Weekly Round Up.

So, as its the weekend, and I'm bored (I feel like I've done enough writing for today, and don't want to burn myself out), I decided to update on my progress.

For those of you who've not seen my Twitter, today I reached 13, 482 words, and I'm almost always beating the daily target amount of 1, 667. I am to have 15, 000 words by the end of the weekend.

Things are going really well, too. I had one small hitch yesterday, where I couldn't progress a vital scene. After fifteen minutes, it dawned on me that I needed another line of dialogue from one of the characters to push things on a little! Other than that, I'm happy with what I've produced so far.

I also thought I'd share with you a little excerpt from the story. The origins of my main antagonist, Abbashara.

The most repulsive, disgusting abomination of a Fallen was Siran, who as a Fae had been renowned for his beauty, charm and attractiveness. For a race who were magnificent to behold, Siran was the most radiant of all.

However, Siran was also the Fae to have become corrupted first, and addicted to the most. Obsessed with sex, he took a woman regardless of consent, whenever his libido demanded. Sometimes going so far as taking three women within an hour. With no concern for the female's feelings, he got his pleasure, spilled his seed and then cast her aside. And attractiveness didn't matter to Siran, either. He would have sex with anyone, regardless of how they looked physically. He didn't need to be attracted to the person he was defiling, as long as they had an orifice for him to insert his penis into, he'd have sex with them.

When Siran wasn't raping, he was gorging himself on foods. Everything that lived had to be spiced, cooked, and tasted. However, the regular Neressian foods, like beef, chicken and suckling pork, didn't satisfy Siran. He wanted more experiences, and more pleasures, and so he tried other animals. Kitten and puppies were roast on a spit, seals were clubbed and then slowly boiled. He even tried human flesh, having a man murdered, and then cooked with herbs and onions. Though, admittedly, he did find the meat too tough to ever want to eat again. And Siran would eat far beyond quelling hunger, and even past what was pleasurable. He ate almost constantly, throughout the day, until making himself sick and throwing the meal back up onto the very platter he was eating from.

Along with sex, and eating, Siran was dominated by alcohol and drugs. He had potioneers working night and day to combine plants and herbs into a new compound for him to try. When drinking wine, and eating the hallucinogenic pastes of Kanos no longer satisfied him, Siran began snorting ground up plant extracts, or injecting pure alcohol into his veins. With a self-made system, Siran had a number of vines connected to a vat of alcohol, that he used sharpened wooden needles to inject directly into his body.

Of course, his life of excess left him deformed even before Siran was cast into the shadowy prison realm. So obsessed with sweet treats, his teeth had blackened and began to fall out. His once lithe and lean form was now morbidly obese, with rolls of fat hanging from his body, and jowls of lose skin wobbling under his chin. The disregard for who he chose as a sexual partner left Siran with a number of diseases, causing his penis to dry up and shrink to the size of a small caterpillar. It secreted a foul smelling, yellowish-green puss, and his testicles were covered in crusty boils. The abuse of drugs had caused his once golden, and luscious hair, to fall out, leaving his scalp dried, patching and looking like a dog with mange. Additionally, the mutilation he'd subjected his body to, to get the alcohol and drugs into his system quicker, had left Siran with no nose from where he'd been constantly snorting powdered plant extract, and gaping holes in his arms and legs, where the vines carrying wine had been plunged straight into his veins.

When he was banished to the prison realm by the Fae, the first punishment the bestowed upon him was stripping him of his name. No longer deserving of a title that meant 'beautiful', they fashioned him a new identity. The once resplendent Fae now became known as the grotesque Fallen, Abbashara.

I hope you enjoyed my little excerpt, and that its got you wondering how Abbahara fits into the rest of the story. 

Thanks for reading, and keep checking back for updates.


  1. Clare, this is the kind of book I'm totally into right now, and I would so love to read it! I know you're probably not wanting to share the finished novel, but if you are, I would really like to read it!

  2. Thanks, Emma!

    Wicked! What other fantasy books are you into? May I recommend George RR Matrin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. Its gritty, and sometimes heart-wrenching, but also the most amazing book series I've ever read. Plus, its been made into a TV series due to air on HBO next year.

    As to the finished novel, I don't know. I'll have to wait and see. If it turns out well, I have very real intentions of trying to get it published.


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