Week Two

Apparently, week two of NaNoWriMo is meant to be the hardest, and I'm certainly feeling it.

I had two days straight with no writing. Though, that was due to laptop issues. REMINDER: Never buy a refurbished laptop.

The good news is, I had everything backed up four times over, so nothing was lost. And because of all my hard work last week, I'm still ahead of target.

As of tonight, my word count for today: 1721. That brings my overall total to 22,295!

My aim for the end of Sunday is 25, 000. Though, I rather hope I make 30k.

I have to admit, though, even without the laptop issues, I've found it harder this week.

I've just finished chapter six of my novel, and despite it being about Forbe having his magical powers unbound and awakened, and him learning how to use them, I'm not a hundred percent happy with how the chapter has turned out.

I guess that's what the post-November redrafting and editing will be for, though.

I'm looking forwards to what's coming,next, however, as Forbe is set to leave his native country Elanya and travel to the snow-bound country of Polenkar; where a group of all female assassins, called the Vasspennas, rule.

Well, I think that's enough excitement for one night, so I'm going to go watch some T.V before bed.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I'll be back soon with another update.


  1. You're doing brilliantly, am thoroughly enjoying the 'race'! :D

  2. Yes, me too. Much fun. hope we can 'race' again before November ends.


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