I have moved!


After more than ten years on Blogger, I have made the decision to move my blog over to my new website and mailing list host HubSpot. I have nothing against Blogger, in fact, it's been great, but I love having all my writerly things in one place.

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported me here on Blogger over the years. I wouldn't be the author I am today without that help and support.

I will be keeping this blog to serve as an archive of my previous posts, but all new updates will now be made on my new site.

If you're still interested in my writing, I suggest following me over to claredugmore.com/blog, especially in the coming months as I'll be hosting lots of guest posts in the lead-up to the Beyond Starlight: An Alien FatedMates Collection, which releases this November.

Thanks again for the support.

Take care, and read on!