NaNo: A Time For Graphics

So, in preparation for National Novel Writing Month, I've been making some graphics.

I've made a couple of wallpaper calendars, so that I can keep track of the date and daily word aim. I also plan on making some icons, using the images I used for the calendars, plus some other appropriate images, like mug of coffee, etc.

However, the main thing I've been working on, is maps of the countries that will feature in my novel. They're very basic at the moment, but if gives me a rough idea of locations, etc. I also plan on making of "old-worldly" sepia maps, too. You know, just so they look like they're from a fantasy book.

Additionally, I've been doing some planning; mostly out-loud with Ad, but also on paper, too. I've nailed the origins of my main races, as well as plotted out the main premise for the story, and have also got on outline of the main character, Forbe. On top of that, I have notes and ideas for other, supporting, characters.

This week, I plan to get all names fixed, as I only have a handful down. I'm still to name any of the areas featured in the story.

I think that's all for now, so I shall leave you with my graphics and maps.


~ Clare

Entire Fictional World

Areas Where The Story Takes Place

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