Pride Fundraiser

Happy Pride all my Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Asexual identifying friends!

To celebrate Pride, I will donate all royalties earned in June from LGBT short-story I Want You to Want Meto UK charity Just Like US.

Pride is not only a celebration of the LGBTQA community, but a time to remember all those who came before us and fought for better rights for the community, all those who lost their lives because of their sexuality (whether due to Aids, depression, discriminatory attacks or other issues) and those still fighting to make the world a better place for LGBTQA people. 

If hetro-cis people can love who they want, without fear of attack/ being disowned by their family/ being shunned by the community, then it should be the same for EVERYONE. Everyone has the right to love who they love (as long as it's legal and consensual - none of this paedophilia is a sexual alignment nonsense. It's a CRIME), or feel no sexual attraction, or identify as the gender they feel they are. 

Members of the LGBTQA community shouldn't have to live in fear, hide part of themselves, worry about being assaulted due to their sexual preference, or worry about losing their jobs based on their sexuality.

Mental health issues are common enough, without adding sexual and gender identity issues to the mix, meaning members of the LGBTQA community are even more vulnerable, and need our support. 

Instead of focusing on what makes us different, let's look at what makes us the same - we're all human, and entitled to the same love, respect and security as everyone else on this planet. So stop thinking about the LGBTQA community in a 'them' versus 'us' context. Think of everyone as 'we' and do something to honour your gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer or asexual family, friends, co-workers, neighbours etc. 

Life is too short to hate. Love always wins.


About I Want You To Want Me

Jocelyn Jones has never had a problem with roommate Hannah Avery’s sexuality. For Joss, a person is more than who they choose to sleep with.

But when Joss gets annoyed with the constant presence of Hannah’s on / off girlfriend Leanne at their house, her reaction makes her question just how open minded she really is. 
The resulting argument drives a wedge between the best friends, and Joss confesses to work colleague Kerry that she’s lost without Hannah.

In a bid to build bridges, Joss agrees to hang out with Hannah and Leanne, but when she witnesses them kissing, her hostile feelings return. 

With them comes the realization she fancies Hannah, and now Joss must come to terms with her newly discovered sexuality, and what that means for her life. 

But with conservative small-town parents, can Joss risk coming out and entering a relationship that could potentially ruin her two-year friendship with Hannah?

The decision is taken out of Joss’ hands when Leanne asks Hannah to move in with her. Now Joss either has to act on her feelings, or risk losing Hannah forever. 

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About Just like Us

Just Like Us was founded for a simple reason: growing up LGBT+ is still one of the most challenging experiences young people can face.

We believe the best way to support LGBT+ young people is to make sure they hear powerful positive messages about being LGBT+ from other LGBT+ young people, just a little older and little wiser.

That's why we're building a national network of university student volunteers, giving them the skills they need to communicate with impact, and sending them into secondary schools to share their stories, bust stereotypes, and explain why LGBT+ equality is everyone's issue.

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