COVER REVEAL: Carousel of Faults (The Book Reapers, Book 2), by Mark C. King

Title: Carousel of Faults (The Book Reapers, Book 2)

Author: Mark C. King

Release Date: July 10

Genre(s): YA historical fantasy 

Designer: Key of Heart Designs


Are we defined by our faults?

Naomi Gladwyn’s life went from abominable to amazing. Narrowly avoiding life in a dismal London workhouse, she ended up with an adopted family and dear friends. This new life, however, is not without its thorns. 

Much of her time revolves around Dark Books – books that are so emotional, so influential, that a reader cannot help but carry out what is written, often with deadly results. She now hunts these dangerous tomes with her adopted father, Mr. Stafford. 

But a past mistake, a torturous secret, haunts her and – when revealed – puts everything she has and everything she ever wanted in jeopardy. 

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