Sibylline Nights: The Journey - Part Two

Back in 2012 I wrote a post about the progress I'd made on my urban-fantasy Sibylline Nights, comparing the original first chapter of an unnamed story about witch triplets, with the new opening chapter I'd written during NaNoWriMo 2011.

Long story short, Sibylline Nights never made it past the first draft. Somewhere along the editing process I fell out of love with the story, and shelved it. A few years later, I stopped writing urban-fantasy and paranormal altogether, focusing on contemporary romance. 

Fast-forward to 2018, and after publishing All It Takes and serialising Every Moment With You - both contemporary romance - I have the itch to write urban-fantasy again, and have started work on a rewrite of Sibylline Nights. Which, btw, needs a new, more awesome name! 

The concept of witch triplets separated at birth will remain, as will many other aspects of the previous version, such as the triplets' names, abilities etc. but I feel I have a tighter plot this time around, with a clearer direction; something the previous draft lacked, and contributed to me shelving the story. 

I've written 3,500 words on the new draft since Monday, and I love it. I've only written three chapters so far, but already it feels so much stronger than the previous version.  I'm so excited to be working on this this again.

Here's a snippet from the new opening chapter:

The mother hesitated, but only for a moment, before she pulled back the blanket to reveal a girl of about two with a large laceration across her torso. 
Hands quivering, Esmee reached out and laid her palms on the child’s wound. In an instant a bright white radiated from her fingertips, and where the light touched the cut, the skin fused together. 
“Well I’ll be dammed, you’re a witch,” came the voice of the bus driver from behind Esmee. 
Esmee bowed her head, and hastily handed the girl back to her mother, the woman’s eyes widening as she received her child who was now completely healed, though still covered in blood.

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