All It Takes: Chapter Twenty-Five

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Can you believe I managed to update in a timely fashion?! I think I'm extra motivated because this is the penultimate chapter (!!) and I'll be sharing thew whole story here for the A-Z Challenge. Exciting times!!

Chapter Twenty-Five

As Kian placed me back on the ground my heart hammered. I felt giddy, and had to hold onto him for a moment to steady myself.
“So, do you want the grand tour?”
I grinned. “Hell yes!”
He led me to the door, and then looked about sheepishly. “It’ll need some work. I’ve only had chance to get Ella’s room decorated.”

I stepped into a plain hallway with beige walls, devoid of any personality. But it didn’t matter, this was going to be our home. 
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  1. I can't believe we're almost at the end! LOVE this story. :)


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