All It Takes: Chapter Sixteen

Happy Tuesday, folks! 

Can you believe it's September already? Where has 2015 gone? And it's only four months until Christmas! >_<

Being September also means, it's eight months since I began serializing All It Takes! Crazy, huh? But fear not, the fun isn't over yet, and I still have plenty in store for Megan and Kian! ^_~

Chapter Sixteen
Megan halted mid-way down the corridor, and turned to me, her bottom lip pulled between her teeth. 
“What last name will the baby have?” 

I slowed my pace and fell in step beside her, my own brows forming a frown as I thought about her question. I shrugged. 
“I dunno. What do other people in our situation do?”
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  1. So sweet as love blooms!
    Truly enjoying your series! Thanks!


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