P is for Passion

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Today, for the letter P I have the second half of chapter one from All It Takes. 

Warning, this post is not safe for work and contains scenes of a sexual nature...

As we pulled onto my street, Kian turned to me with a cocky grin and said, “So, are you going to invite me in for coffee, then?”

I laughed out-right at his blatant presumptuousness.

“Sure, but I’ve only got instant.”

He smirked as he climbed out of the taxi, and handed Baz a twenty pound note, then without any more of an invitation, strolled up the pathway to my block of flats.

For a moment, I had to steady myself on the side of the car. For the first time in years I felt like a giggling teenager.

The second my front door closed, Kian took my hands and pulled me to him. Slowly and deliberately he pulled my arms up to wrap around his neck, and his own curled around my waist. Our bodies were just inches apart, and I was sure he would feel my heart thundering in my chest. He seemed unaware of the physical effect he was having on me, as he tilted my head up to meet his.

With an almost smug smile, he lowered his lips to mine, and crushed them against my mouth. The embrace was everything I'd imagined – and hoped – it would be. Passionate, heated, and drawn out. His mouth tasted vaguely of alcohol, which only caused my senses to buzz more. He gently slid his tongue inside my mouth, and the ground gave way underneath me and my legs turned to jelly. My whole body was on fire when his hands crept up my back and then into my hair, and a gentle tugging on my locks caused me to lose any inhibitions I had left. I pressed my body up against his, allowing my leg to snake around his.

He gripped my butt tightly, his tongue delving further into my mouth, and pinned me up against the door. I was dizzy with lust, and breathing heavily when he pulled away from the kiss. It was like I'd just been parted from of a vital part of my existence, and wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on mine again.

He took my hand in his and confidently walked me backwards to the living room. With a light push, he forced me down onto the sofa, and then resumed his assault on my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, with a fervent desire to pull his body as physically close to me as possible. As the kiss deepened, he carefully lent me backwards so I was lying on the couch, with his body hard against mine.

His hot lips trailed down my jawline, to explore the planes of my neck and collarbone with a deliberate slowness of his tongue. As he did, my hands reached under his t-shirt, and I longingly caressed the taut, smoothness of his chest.

I became completely lost in a lustful haze, and my breathing was ragged. His hands roamed over my body, to cup my breasts and caress them gently.

Kian unfastened my halter-top, to reveal the black underwear I had on underneath, and then carefully moved the material aside. With a slight tilt of his head, he took my left breast into his mouth, and sucked on the nipple until it was hard.

My body trembled, and I wanted nothing more than to feel the smoothness of his naked skin against mine. He pulled away from the embrace, and rose from the couch. I looked at him with wide, doe-like eyes, but he simply smirked, scooped me up into his arms, and then strode towards the open living room door. With me in his arms, he crossed the hallway in a few quick steps, then led me to the bedroom, where he kicked the door open.

I wanted him desperately.

With utter confidence he carried me to the bed, where he lightly pushed me down onto it. Then, keeping his gaze directly fixed on mine, he began to slowly remove my clothing.

As each garment fluttered to the ground, he stared at my body hungrily – only pausing to lavish more sensuous attention on each of my breasts – until I lay before him completely naked.

With Kian watching me through lust-clouded eyes heat pooled between my legs.

He all but ripped his own clothes off, almost as if daring me to reach out and touch him, and I watched in awe as his perfectly sculptured body was revealed to me. The soft lighting of the dawn sun filtering through the curtains defined every toned muscle of his chest. My eyes wandered down to the array of tattoos on his forearms.

Knowing full well the effect he was having on me, he stepped towards the bed, and lowered himself onto me.

I gasped as he entered me, and my legs involuntary wrapped round his waist, as he buried himself inside me.

His hands reached up, and firmly clasped my shoulders, pinning me flat against the bed, his pace quickening. All I could do to stop myself from screaming out was bite down on my bottom lip and rake my nails along his shoulder blades. I felt the wave of passion cresting, as he drove into me. My back arched up off the bed as he released his hold on my shoulders and forced my leg higher so that he could penetrate me more deeply. My body ached with a feeling that was sensually between pleasure and torture.

My whole body quivered as each thrust pulled me closer to him. It was like a blissful assault I never wanted to end.

Just when I was beginning to think I couldn't take any more, I was tipped over the edge. Climax spread through my body, consuming every part of me and making my toes curl. A few minutes later, he joined me in release, and his full weight collapsed against me. With one smooth movement, he rolled to his side, so that his arm was draped over my stomach and his head was buried in my hair.

Almost instantly, we both drifted off into a deep and contented sleep, giving no thought to the repercussions of our passionate actions.

Eight weeks later …

Three minutes. In three minutes I’d know for sure what the future held. You could do many things in three minutes – boil an egg, make tea and toast, listen to your favourite song or pay your phone bill online – and yet the seconds ticked down at an agonizingly slow rate.

I paced the cool blue lino of the bathroom floor.

I was glad I was in the bathroom, as nerves made me want to pee and throw up all at once.

Why is time moving so slowly?

The sound of my alarm going off made me jump, and I dashed to the toilet, where the test was resting on the top of the cistern.

Two lines. Pregnant.

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