G is for Grandparents

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Today, for letter G, I have Megan and Kian's parents' reactions to the news they're going to become grandparents. Enjoy ... 


“Okay, the thing I'm about to say, well, it's kind of a big deal, so I don't want you freaking out or anything, all right? Just let me tell you, and then take a few days to digest the news.”
Mum and Dad nodded mutely, utterly bewildered at what was going on.
I let out a long breath and the sentence tumbled from my mouth all at once. “I'm-pregnant-and-I'm-keeping-the-baby.”
Dad's eyes grew as wide as saucers, then he gave a deep sigh.
“You're pregnant?” Mum said.
“Yeah, I saw my doctor today, and he confirmed it. I'm about eight weeks along.”
“And what about the father? Who is he? Because I didn't even know you were dating anyone,” Dad said.
“That's because I'm not. I met him when I was out with Stacey one night. He offered me a ride home, and well, you know ...”
“Oh, Meg, what were you thinking? Didn't it cross your mind that you could end up with a STD?”
I looked to the floor, the disappointment in Mum’s voice making it impossible for me to keep eye contact with either of them.
“I'm not stupid, but everyone makes mistakes. I admit what I did that night was stupid, but I'm dealing with the consequence now, aren't I?”
“You're dealing with the consequence by having a child out of wedlock and forgoing the career you've worked so hard for? You know, there are other options.”
“Elizabeth! Our daughter is not getting rid of or giving up our first grandchild for adoption,” Dad said, sitting bolt upright in his recliner and slamming his fist down on the end table. His reaction was a shock. I thought he was going to agree with Mum. 


“And, well, now she's pregnant, and the baby’s mine.”
As the words came out, Marie actually jumped off the couch and began laughing. Mum clutched her heart, and Dad looked like he was about to pass out.
“I want to be a part of the baby's life. I've said I'm going to stand by her and support her through the pregnancy as much as possible.”
 “Well, it's great you're taking responsibility for your actions, bro. But didn't you think before you slept with her? I mean, you could have caught all sorts of diseases or anything.” Marie was two years younger than me, and has always been the responsible one. She’d worked hard at school, got a good job and never caused our parents any problems.
“You can save the lecture, sis, Davi already gave me a good talking to when I told him.”
“And so he should, your sister is right.” Mum was quick to defend Marie. 
Like always. When we were kids, Mum always took Marie’s side over mine. I clenched my teeth and counted to five. “I haven't come here for abuse. I've come here to tell you I'm going to be a father, and ask for some advice on how to deal with it.”
From the corner of my eye, I could see Marie smirking, but I tried my best to ignore her and focused on my parents.
Dad shook his head, and heaved out a great sigh. “I’m not going to pretend I’m not disappointed, Kian. I thought all this getting into trouble nonsense was over with. But maybe you should start at the beginning. How long have you been dating this Megan girl?” 
“Actually, we never really dated. It was just a one night thing. I didn't think I'd ever hear from her again.” I sunk onto the sofa, avoiding eye contact with any of them.
“Jesus Christ, Kian, could you be any more of a prick? Women aren't toys for you to pick up and throw away as you please,” Marie said, not disguising the venom in her voice.
“Now, Marie, that's quite enough. You know better than to use language like that in my house, and please don't berate your brother.” Mum bit back with equal ferocity. “Perhaps it's best if you go and make us all some coffee?”
“Fine.” Marie huffed, flounced out of the room and stalked down the hallway to the kitchen.
“This wasn’t how I expected to find out about my first grandchild, but I’m glad you’re trying to do the right thing, and supporting this girl through the pregnancy. Do you really think moving in with a woman you hardly know is the best idea?” Mum said.
I was about to say I didn’t intend to move in with Megan, when I thought better of it, and looked to Dad for some support.
“Sheila, I don't think Kian should even be considering having anything to do with the baby, let alone moving in with the mother.”

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  1. I'm glad her dad said they weren't putting the baby up for adoption. But his dad doesn't think he should have anything to do with the baby, well that's just wrong. Two very different reactions there. I hope thing turn out okay!

  2. You have two strong characters there. Great excerpts.

  3. I love seeing the reactions of their parents. Says so much about who Meg and Kian are.

  4. Ouch! Not the support he was looking for. Never can guess how your family would receive news like this.

  5. Hello from a new follower. I like your choice for G.
    Evalina, This and that...

  6. Be interesting to see how they both handle it as time goes on.

  7. The reactions make for great drama. The reactions say a lot about all of us, don't they? I think so. :) Untethered Realms / MPax

  8. Very diverse reactions. Made it feel very real. Excellent!

  9. Hello from a fellow author. Great characters. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Great G idea!

  10. Being of a grandparent's age, I would have been concerned about STD's but a baby, I would be thrilled. If you have a responsible granddaughter who would be a great mother, It would be an addition to life.

  11. I can't believe his dad just said that! That's awful.


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