F is for Fuck Up

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Today, for letter F, I have excerpt from chapter four of All It Takes, where Kian contemplates his parents' reaction to the news he's going to be a father. Enjoy ... 

As I drove back I kept thinking what I was going to tell my parents later. I knew how they'd react to the news I'd gotten some girl pregnant and she was keeping the baby.
Dad would shake his head, sigh, and then comment that it was another 'Kian fuck-up', just like the times I'd failed a drugs test, been fined for trashing a hotel room, and broken my collarbone by crashing a motorbike I'd rented. Mum would probably get all teary-eyed and then start planning mine and Megan's wedding – regardless of the fact weren’t even together.
I hoped they'd give me their support eventually. For once I was trying to be an adult about a situation I'd gotten myself into, and take responsibility for my actions. It wasn't every day I owned up to my mistakes, and I just prayed they'd take that into account.
Admitting my mistakes and taking responsibility for my actions seemed like a running theme recently…

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  1. Whoah. That by-line really grabbed my attention. But then again, so did that picture!! Nice clip Clare.


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