All It Takes: Chapter Five

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Here with chapter five of All It Takes, which can be viewed at the following places:

Chapter Five At

Wattpad | FictionPress | WriteOn | DiviantArt | Figment | Movellas

The A-Z Challenge is fast approaching, and I'm all prepared for the Theme Reveal BlogFest next week, as well as having ideas for 24/ 26 of the A-Z posts. Now just to start making drafts for them!

Writing is going well, though I'm now almost at the point where I'm out of partially drafted chapters (eek!), so I better start planning what comes next. I have some idea, and I know how the story ends, I just need some more in between bits. I think now is a good time to make a chapter plan! ^_~

Hope everyone is having a fantastic and productive week. Let me know of anything important going on!

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  1. I'm glad to hear writing is going well! I enjoyed the teaser for All It Takes. :)


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