2015 A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I’ve missed doing the A-Z Challenge. I really enjoyed the years I took part, and along with NaNoNoWriMo, it’s one of my favourite things about the writing community.

I thought this year’s challenge would be the perfect opportunity to give a little insight/ backstory for my contemporary-romance web serial All It Takes, which is currently being published online and is on chapter five.

For those who haven’t read the serial yet, it’s the perfect stepping stone, and for those who are regular readers, hopefully the A-Z Challenge will provide a little more information on Megan, Kian and their situation!

Posts will be anything from snippets and teasers, to excerpts, to character interviews, to flash-fiction pieces set, etc. in the story universe.

A-Z Schedule:

Week One: 
April 01, Wednesday – A is for All It Takes – Chapter Six
April 02, Thursday – B is for Bill Bagley
April 03, Friday – C is for Change
April 04, Saturday – D is for Davi Silva

Week Two: 
April 05, Sunday – BREAK 
April 06, Monday – E is for Europe
April 07, Tuesday – F is for Fuck Up
April 08, Wednesday – G is for Grandparents
April 09, Thursday – H is for Hormones
April 10, Friday – I is for Interacting [with fans]
April 11, Saturday – J is for Josh Browne

Week Three: 
April 12, Sunday - BREAK 
April 13, Monday – K is for Kian Murphy
April 14, Tuesday – L is for Lights, Camera, Action!
April 15, Wednesday – M is for Megan Green/ Chapter Seven
April 16, Thursday – N is for Nursery
April 17, Friday – O is for O’Neil’s
April 18, Saturday – P is for Passion

Week Four: 
April 19, Sunday – BREAK 
April 20, Monday – Q is for Questions
April 21, Tuesday - Letter R is for Ruby
April 22, Wednesday – S is for Stacey Sullivan
April 23, Thursday – T is for Teasers
April 24, Friday – U is for ultra sound scan
April 25, Saturday – V is for violence

Week Five: 
April 26, Sunday - BREAK
April 27, Monday – W is for What’s to Come
April 28, Tuesday - X is for X-Ray
April 29, Wednesday – Y is for Yelling
April 30, Thursday – Z is for TBD

And for those who’re interested, here is the synopsis for All It Takes:

All It Takes is one night to change the rest of their lives.

Graduating Uni, travelling Europe and buying her own place – these are on Megan Green’s to-do list. At just twenty-two, becoming a mother isn’t.

Fast cars, expensive clothes and bedding a different women every night – this is how Kian Murphy spends his time when not in the MMA ring. Pre-natal scans and birthing classes are not on his agenda.

After a chance meeting and passionate encounter, Megan finds herself pregnant with Kian’s child. But with a womanizing reputation, and a temper that often leads him into trouble, Kian is hardly boyfriend material, let alone father material.

Now Megan and Kian must work out if they have All It Takes to turn their one-night-stand into a relationship that will connect them for a life-time.

All It Takes is a dual-POV new-adult, serialized contemporary-romance about responsibility, love and discovering who you are in life. New chapter every other Wednesday, at claredugmore.com


  1. Hi Clare,
    I am looking forward to your posts, I'm intrigued with 'Yelling'.
    Since, you've marked it in bold, I'm hoping it is something unique.
    Goodluck =)

    A Poesy Discourse

    1. Hey Prunzaye!

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Actually yelling being bold was an accident lol, but I hope you still enjoy my A-Z posts. :)

  2. I'm doing a term or word for my upcoming book as well. Great minds think alike!

    1. Great minds indeed. Will be interested to read your A-Z Alex! :D

  3. Awesome theme! Can't wait to read your posts. :) Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks, chick! Are you taking part this year?

  4. I'm impressed you've got all your posts figured out already :-)

    1. Thanks, Annalisa. I have to figure out my posts ahead of the challenge, otherwise I'll flake out.

  5. Looking forward to learning about your book. :)

  6. Hope the web serial is going well. Looks like you're very well organised for the challenge :)
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Natasha. The serial is going very well, thanks! :D

  7. Good for you for getting everything mapped out and good luck in the Challenge!

  8. Very interesting, I am looking forward to following your serial. Good luck! doreenmcgettigan.com

  9. I'm impressed with how organized this is. And impressed with how you're publishing your serial online, that's awesome. I'm looking forward to learning more about it!

    1. Thank you, Julie. I'm really enjoying posting a web serial, and hope readers are too. :D


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