Can You Handle The TRUTH Blogfest

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I'm here today taking part in the Can You Handle The TRUTH Blogfest to celebrate the release of Curiosity Quills author Jamie Ayres' young-adult, coming-of-age, paranormal-romance 18 Truths, which is scheduled for release 28th January, 2014.

Here's what Jamie had to say about the blogfest:

All you have to do is post a blog centering around the classic Two Truths and a Lie get-to-know-you game. 

Players tell two truths and one lie. The object of the game is to hop around the blogs and determine which statement that each blogger posted is the false one. 

 Anyone who posts for the Can You Handle The TRUTH? blogfest between January 22nd-28th can enter to win a number of prizes donated by 18 terrific people, including: 

1) Jamie Ayres–18 Truths paperback + swag 
2) Mara Valderran–Heirs of War ebook + swag 
3) Eliza Tilton–Broken Forest ebook 
4) Tara Tyler–query critique
5) Alex Cavanaugh–Cassa ebook
6) Ayden Morgen–ebook for Fade and Fall
7) Lynn Jake–journals
8) T.F. Walsh–Cloaked In Fur ebook
9) Sharon Bayliss–print copy of The Charge + critique of query and first chapter 
10) Katie Hamstead–ebook of Kiya
11) Michelle Ziegler–homemade granola and bookmarks
12) Elizabeth Johnson–Moonflower ebook
13) Lindsey Loucks–signed bookmarks 
14) Krystal Wade–ebook of Wilde’s Fire
15) Teshelle Combs–1 copy of Core (paperback) and 1 ebook copy of Core
16) Krista Rausin–2 copies of Mystic paperbacks
17) PK Hrezo–Butterman Time Travel ebook
18) Jessa Russo–Ever ebook

Here are my two truths and a lie. Can you figure out which is the fake?

1) I'm allergic to penicillin 
2) I had my first child a week before my twentieth birthday
3) I have three nephews, one of whom I've never met

About 18 Truths:

Lying is unbearable, betrayal is inevitable, and choosing which path to take is impossible.

Olga Gay Worontzoff ended her senior year as an eighteen-year-old girl totally in love with Nate, enjoying their new romance and about to attend the university of her dreams. Now she’s spending her summer in the weird subculture of the Underworld, with charmingly witty and powerful angels, and problematic demons, trying to rescue Connor, the best friend and secret crush she was unable to save during a freak accident.

But Nate has other things on his mind, mainly Grace. She’s their first assignment as joint spirit guides, and Olga’s feeling hurt and jealous. His mysterious behavior has Olga questioning everything she believed about him and now she must decide whether to stick to their plan, or follow her heart. Unfortunately, a series of mistakes threatens everyone around her and plants Olga in the center of cosmic events much larger than she ever imagined.

Only one thing is certain: the chilling truths uncovered during her journey will leave no one untouched.

Add 18 Truths to your Goodreads 'to-be-read' list

About Jamie Ayres:

Jamie Ayres writes young adult paranormal love stories by night and teaches young adults as a public school teacher by day.

When not at home on her laptop or at school, she can often be found at a local book store grabbing random children and reading to them. So far, she has not been arrested for this.

She lives in southwest Florida with her prince charming, two children (sometimes three based on how Mr. Ayres is acting), and a basset hound. She spent her youthful summers in Grand Haven, Michigan and this setting provided the inspiration for her debut novel, 18 Things.

She really does have grandmothers named Olga and Gay but unlike her heroine, she’s thankfully not named after either one of them. She loves lazy pajama days, the first page of a good book, stupid funny movies, and sharing stories with fantastic people like you.

Find Jamie Ayres Online: 


  1. I'm going to guess the first one is the lie.

  2. Hmmm, these are tough! I'm going to guess #3 . . . I believe you have 3 nephews, but I'm guessing you've met all of them :-)

  3. I don't think I should play because I'm pretty sure I know the answer lol!

  4. I'll also guess #1. I feel like I'm getting worse, instead of better at this game!


  5. I'm guesing #3.

  6. I'm going to guess #3.

  7. I'm guessing #1 (although #2 is running a close second.)

  8. I am guessing number 2, but it could have been any of them. Mine is up too.

  9. You're gonna keep me tonight . . . what's the lie? LOL


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