For Andrew

I'm sure you've all heard the sad news that Nick Wilford's stepson Andrew passed away last weekend. 

Many of us got to know Nick and Andrew earlier this year, when Nick organized the Overcoming Adversity anthology to raise money for Andrew's college education.

Andrew's funeral is today, and while we can't be there in person, the blogging community is gathering together to pay our respects, and support Nick and his family, by releasing red balloons, lighting a red candle or wearing red.

I haven't be able to find a red balloon, so I'm releasing the virtual one designed by Carrie Butler, and this morning I lit a red candle and said a prayer for Andrew, Nick and their family.

Nick, you're a wonderful, kind man and my deepest sympathies are with you and your family at this time. Andrew, you seemed like a lovely young man, and I'm sorry your time in this word was short. 

May the Lord welcome Andrew into his kingdom, and may God's light guide Nick and his family through their grief.

R.I.P Andrew McNaughton! 

If you'd like to contribute a donating to Nick and family, or share your photo with them, please see Kyra Lennon's blog, as she has generously taken on the task of organizing these things.


  1. Beautiful words, Clare! And that balloon Carrie made is so awesome!

  2. Beautifully said. And the virtual balloon is wonderful. I have on red today for Andrew.

    Also, on another note, you are the final wench to be drenched in my Realms Faire Drench-a-wench event! Lovely that people will come to see this post. :)

  3. Lovely words Clare, I am lighting a candle this evening. Rest in peace, Andrew.

  4. Prayers are going out to this family. I am so sorry for their loss. I am wearing red today in honor of Andrew.

  5. Wonderfully said.
    We do have a great community.

    Hope you're enjoying your 'drench' as well!

  6. Beautifully said, Clare. Words I couldn't think of. I wish them all peace.

    And a drench to you :)

  7. My heart goes out to the Wilfords, and my prayers are with them and Andrew.

    I'm stopping by with a little splash for you, Clare. I've certainly seen you around the Blogosphere and am glad to connect with you today.

  8. It's so heartbreaking to lose a child. I'll be thinking of the Wilfords.
    And you're been drenched.

  9. Amen. While it's sad Andrew's gone his life and death brought so many of us together.

  10. What a wonderful, thoughtful, and compassionate post.

    You are drenched. As are we all -- with tears...

  11. Perfect tribute right there. Beautiful, Clare.

  12. Such a lovely dedication, Clare. It's inspiring, seeing a community come together in a time when it's needed most...

  13. What a lovely tribute! Andrew's loss is so tragic. I can't imagine what Nick and his family are going through right now...

    (Hopping on over here from Christine's Drench-A-Wench post. Hello!)

  14. Beautiful balloon release and candle memorial! I'm sure Nick must feel very blessed to belong to such a wonderful blogging community. Writer’s Mark


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