I’m Thankful For My Readers Bloghop!

I'm here today with Vikki and Tara's I’m Thankful For My Readers Bloghop!

Here's what Vikki and Tara have to say about the hop:

1.Sign up on the linky list below.

2. Post thanks to your readers on your blog between Monday November 5 (anytime) and Wednesday November 7 by 1700 UK/1200 Midday EST US time.
3.  If you don’t have a CP and you would like, go ahead and post a ‘personals’ ad.
4. Be CREATIVE. Write a letter, a piece of flashfiction, a haiku, poem, or vlog. It can take whatever form you like. We’d like it if you kept it under 300 words but won’t be counting.
5. You don’t have to name your readers though do if you want, and feel free to link to them.
6. Hop around and comment on other people’s!

We have a button, please do go ahead and grab it! Also it would be lovely if you'd please advertise this blog hop!

There will be prizes : Tara and I will each pick a winner, and another overall winner, to be announced on Thursday November 8 on our blogs. They win:

Vikki’s Winner: A Reader’s Report style Critique (i.e. overview write up giving thoughts on your MS, will read whole MS), chosen for most heartfelt post
Tara’s Winner: A Banner for their blog, chosen for most creative post
Overall Winner: Both of the above, for most heartfelt and creative post!

I’ve been looking forwards to this bloghop ever since it was announced. The blogging community is such a great place; full of friendly, encouraging, supportive people and I’d like to give a little something back.

I’m the almost a year that I’ve been blogging about my writing, I’ve received so much amazing feedback and support, and made some wonderful friends. The comments I get on my blog are one of the things that inspire me to keep going with my dreams of publication.
There are so many people I could say thank you to, and if I mentioned each and every one of them, we’d be here for a long time. Know that if I miss you off, it isn’t that I don’t appreciate your support, because I really do.

Firstly, I’d like to thank my regular blog commenters and readers. People like LauraCrampton, Jaybird, Christine Rains, Candilynn Fite, Sheena-kay, Victoria Smith, Jaycee Delorenzo, Carrie Butler, Mary Pax and Alex Cavanaugh – who comment on my entries frequently or have words of advice and encouragement for me online, and are now becoming friends. You’re the guys I go to when I need valued opinions, support or someone to beta read my stories. I feel so lucky to have met you all, and appreciate your support of me very much.

Next, a group of people who are fairly new to me, but wonderful nonetheless. The Unborn Writers Critique Group. Mark, Anabel, Stacey Nash, Stacey Trombley and Diana Long. Though we’ve only know each other a few months, you’ve shown me wonderful insight through our critiques and our discussions in the writing group. I’m really enjoying doing NaNo with you all, and comparing our word counts. I look forwards to getting to know you all better, and continuing to share our writing. 

Now onto my long-time friend, and fabulous Critique Partner, Kyra Lennon. Chick, I could go on all day about how much I love you. You’re a wonderful person and I’m so proud of all you’ve achieved and overcome in six years I’ve known you, including this year, where I’m just in awe of all you’ve accomplished. You’re always there for me, no matter what; whether it’s to make my stories that much better, pick me up when I’m down, or fangirl with me over wrestlers. I cannot imagine my life without you, and I feel honoured to have as a friend.

Last but not least, my other Critique Partner, my Hubby. I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to share another (important) aspect of my life with you. It’s fantastic that we can experience this journey together, and I don’t tell you often enough how much I appreciate you taking time out of your working week every day to go through my story with me. You offer me so much insight, honesty and perspective, while always making me laugh. I love you.

All you wonderful people are what make me want to carry on being a writer, and I’m thankful every day for the support you’ve given me. You guys rock! 




  1. Clare, that was wonderful! (And now I feel bad I didn't thank my wife - she's put up with the most crap!) Cherish a critique partner and friend like Kyra - she's awesome.
    And we are thankful for YOU!

  2. Wow. What a fun and positive post. I'm sure the people you mentioned are just as grateful to have you as you are to have them. :-)

  3. Aww, thanks Clare. I'm glad you have such a wonderful support group and a husband who not only cares for you but your writing as well. It's such a gift to have those around you support your writing. Take that fact from someone who has to turn on her computer to get hers. It's a blessing.

  4. Fabulous post!

    You say you are in awe of all I've achieved, but I feel the same way about you! You always have new ideas, fresh perspectives, and always share anything new you've learned. I love you too! XX

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out Clare. And I feel the exact same way about you!! I will always have your back xo

  6. Aw. How sweet. Been a while since I stopped in (probably since right after the writer's crusade...er...campaign), but you are as optimistic as ever. Good to see your smiling face, and awesome hubby's rock, don't they?

  7. What a lovely post and thank you for joining in!

  8. that was a sweet shout out! you sound like you have a strong support sytem! thanks for participating with us!

  9. Lots of great shout-outs! Lucky you to have such a supportive crew. :)

  10. Wonderful support! I love your thanks for your hubby - that's sweet!


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