Liebster Award, Contest Fail and Blog Tour

Aldrea Alien at Thardrandian Thoughts  presented me with the Liebster award. Thank you Aldrea. ^_^

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In return I'm passing this onto the following awesome blogs, who all have less than 200 followers, but should have many more, because they're great. 

Catherine Noble 
Laura @ Stranger than writing

On Monday I mentioned I was going to take part in the Fantasy-Faction anthology Writing Contest. Well I tried, and failed. 

We've had a really busy week, with lots of stuff going on with my Hubby's business, and I really do suck at writing short stories. Also, Skyrim DLC Dawnguard

I attempted writing an entry for the contest three times, and nothing was really sticking. I did get somewhere, with a fairly decent idea, but I wasn't one-hundred percent happy with it, and didn't think I'd have time to finish it off (in less than 8,000 words. Did I mention I struggle with short stories?) and get it edited by the deadline.  I think perhaps I was overly ambitious, and bit off more than I can chew thinking I could get a contest ready short story done in five days. I will keep my eyes open for other contests in the future, and give it another crack. 

In case you haven't heard, one of my closest friends Kyra Lennon is launching her debut novel, a contemporary romance titled Game On, on August 6th.  To celebrate the launch, Kyra is holding a blog tour, with many fantastic prizes on offer. I'm honoured to be the first stop on her tour, and I will be hosting a giveaway offering a paperback copy of Game On, as well as sharing something a little fun related to the book.  I hope you all keep an eye on Kyra's blog as the launch date and tour approaches, and check back here for the start of the tour. It's going to be epic!!



  1. Congrats on the award! :D

    I LOL'D at that cat photo! It was a big challenge to try to whip up a short story in such a short time, especially with so much else going on. There will be other contests though! :D

    Thank you for Game On love! <3 I had a little giggle when I saw the Team Radleigh banner on your sidebar. I will never get tired of seeing those! :D

  2. Thanks!

    :D The cat is hilarious! Yes, I think I was a little over ambitions to say the least!

    You're most welcome. <3 Happy to help, you truly deserve this book to be a success. I love the Team Leah versus Team Radleigh idea, and cannot wait to see which one wins. I bet it's awesome seeing your banners on people's sites. :D

  3. Thank you so much Clare, for always supporting me! You are the best. I will post on the Liebster soon.

    I admire you for realizing the story wasn't going right, and not just sending something, for the sake of sending it in. You always produce quality work, and didn't compromise. So, well done.

    Oh, and as soon as I figure out how to get my Team Radleigh banner to appear onto my sidebar, it's going up onto my blog too! LOL

    1. You're welcome. I genuinely love your blog, and think more people should check it out. Your Friday Fact or Fiction posts are always hilarious.

      I felt like such a failure admitting defeat, so it's nice to hear not everyone thinks I am. Your words of encouragement always mean a lot to me. Thank you.

      Oh, you're team Radleigh too? Cool. If you want to know how to get the code on your side bar, here's what I do:

      <*a href="link to Kyra's site" target="_blank"><*img alt="Game On Blogtour" src="Link to image"/><*/a>

      Just remove the *s and put in the appropriate links.

      Let me know if you need any more help. :D

  4. Darn. Now I feel bad that I managed to enter my mere 1800 word story (based on a smaller work I had). :(

    Hopefully next time a contest pops up, you'll already have a sparkling polished short story that you can just send in. ^_^

    1. Don't feel bad. Congrats on getting something entered. Good luck with the contest.

      I'm keeping my eyes open for up-coming contests, and I'm also planning to brush up on writing short stories.

  5. Thank you so much for the award that's very kind! I will post re it soon! :)


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