Progress ...

Didn't write at all yesterday. Well actually, I did do some writing, just not on Sibylline Nights. I signed up for a fanfic thing on LiveJournal and was working on that piece yesterday. What? I still like writing fanfic. Okay?!

Today has been better though. Despite having to go out and deal with real life stuff I still managed 2034 words, bringing my over-all target to 19, 060. Not bad considering my January target was only 16, 000. I think I'll have to increase the target for February.

The story is progressing nicely too. I've hit a pivotal point with one character, and I'm building up to other character catching up with them.

I also made some notes of things to think about when I finally get to editing draft one.

Is it weird that I haven't read back the story AT ALL since I began writing it? I feel like if I go back I'll see mistakes, and inconsistencies and things that need fixing, and I'll get so preoccupied with those I'll never finish the story. And I really want to finish the story.

I feel really positive that I will, too. I have pretty much the rest of the story planned out in my head. I know what happens next in each section, it's just the finer details I don't know. And it's still fun. I'm discovering new things about my characters even now.
Today I explored what Nola, Esmee and Maggie would look for in romantic relationships. I hope those points are coming across in writing, and if not, it's something I'll fix in the second draft.

I also amused my self by deciding what Hogwarts house each of the girls would be in. You know, as you do. Maggie would be in Ravenclaw, Esmee in Gryffindor and Nola in Slytherin. Just in case you were wondering. I know you were all dying for that information!

And that's it really. Hopefully I can make some more progress tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading, and please check back soon.


  1. Lol, figuring out which Hogwarts house a character would be in is actually quite a brilliant way of narrowing down their personality - I like it!

    I think you are right to keep going forward and not worry about mistakes for now. Get it complete and then fix it - or you will end up like me lmao!

  2. It's very important! Thank you very much! LOL

    It started by accident really, when Nola said something particularly Slytherin like.

    I guess everyone works differently, I just feel like I'm doing it wrong by not editing, because that's what everyone else would do.


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