Why is the number in my title significant?

Because that's my current total word-count, and it also happens to be 2229 words more than the final - post-NaNoWriMo - word-count for Destiny's Road. 

Quite an achievement, huh?

And as a slightly smaller achievement, I wrote 2484 words today.

The story is progressing nicely, building towards the climax.

I even found time to promote my New Twitter Account.

With all that activity I'm quite pooped, so I'll finish this entry off with another excerpt. Enjoy. 

Nola lay on the double bed she now shared with Naima, the post-sex glow making her skin luminous and her eyes glow brightly in the dark room, as the air hung heavy with lust.

"Do you have to leave?"

"I have a coven meeting, I'm afraid."

Naima was pulling on her clothes, having just had a shower, her long black hair still bound up in a towel.

"Can I come with you then?"

Naima contemplated the request, pulling her bottom lip into her mouth and sucking on it as she thought.

The simple action drove Nola wild, and she felt the stirrings of desire rise up in her again.

"What about your own coven?"

"They were never really
mine to begin with. I don't belong there. I belong with you."

"Nola, I don't think my coven will be what you expect. There's things about them you don't know."

"What things? Is this why Jason called yesterday?" Naima nodded and fastened the laces on the tight red corset she was wearing. "Tell me. Stop holding back from me. You trust me, don't you?"

"Of course I trust you."

"Then why won't you tell me?"

"There's things … things you might not approve of. I don't want what my coven does coming between us."

"I lived in care until I was sixteen and after that sold my body to men and my loyalty to Geri. Nothing you or your coven could do would make me disapprove."

"Promise me, Nola. Promise me if you hear or see something that goes against what
your coven, your family agree with, don't leave me."

Nola sat up in bed, the sheet covering her nakedness slipping away, as she stared directly at Naima.

"I promise," she said passionately. "And I told you, they're not my coven, and are my family in blood only.
You're all I need."

"Okay. You can come with me."

"Excellent." Nola leaped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. "I'll just have a quick shower. I won't be long."

Once she'd left the room Naima picked her mobile phone up off the dressing table and called someone with it.

"Jason. She's coming ...Yes, she thinks it's all her idea … She's promised no matter what she sees she'll stay ... I miss you too … I can't wait to hold you in my arms either … It won't be much longer now, then she'll do anything I ask of her."

Naima ended to call and placed the phone back on the dresser, a Cheshire cat like grin spreading across her lips. Her plan was coming together perfectly.


  1. Congrats on the word count!

    And, woah, I wasn't expecting that little snippet to end that way! I was happily reading along and when I got to the end and my eyebrows nearly leaped off my forehead lol!

  2. Thanks! :D

    LOL Excellent!! And in fact your shock at the end has actually made me re-think a previous scene, so that I can make the twist more impactful. Thank you. :D


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