I'm baaack!

So after taking a break for Skyrim and the holidays I'm back working on Sibylline Nights.

One of my "unofficial" New Year's resolutions is to be more disciplined with my writing. And while I've been a bit lax until now, today I've kicked my arse into gear and set myself some targets.

My targets as of now are to write at least 1000 words a day, so I'm aiming for 16,000 words by the end of January. Come February I'll set myself a new target. Although my over-all aim is to have the first draft of Sibylline Nights completed by the start of June, so that I can take advantage of my NaNoWriMo winner's gift and claim a free proof print from CreateSpace, as I did with Destiny's Road last year. 

Already I'm ahead of my self set target because I wrote 1691 words today.

Go me!!

So, in celebration I'll leave you with an excerpt of what I've been working on today.

The street was dark and deserted save for Nola, Naima and the lamppost they stood under. Naima's bus home was due in fifteen minutes, and the couple stood embracing as they waited for it to arrive.

Pulling away from the passionate kiss, Naima stood at a distance, holding Nola at arm's length.

"What's wrong?"

Nola inclined her head to one side, her grey-green eyes searching Naima's onyx ones for answers.

The dinner party had started off well, everyone seemed to like Naima and the food had been delicious. However, after Esmee and Naima had washed the dishes her lover had fell quiet, and her sister had taken sick. Esmee had been pale and close to fainting, and that seemed to put a damper on the whole evening. Though why her sister falling ill would cause Naima to become withdrawn Nola did not know.

"I have something to tell you, and I don't think you're going to like it."

"Go on."

"While we were washing the dishes Esmee threatened me."

"What? She hardly seems the type."

"I couldn't believe what I was hearing either, but she warned me off you. She said you, Maggie, herself and your grandmother had only just found each other again and that she didn't want 'outsiders' coming along and interfering with that. She told me I had to break up with you tonight, and if I didn't she'd find a way to conveniently make me disappear. I think she intends to report me to the Champions if I don't stop seeing you."

"She wouldn't. She couldn't."

"I know this is hard for you, Nola, them being your sisters and all. But how well do you really know these people?"

"But … but … they're my family."

"In blood perhaps. But aren't I your family, too? I've known you a lot longer than they have, and I've always been loyal to you."

Nola contemplated Naima's words. She let the knowledge that her sister had betrayed her wash over her as she absorbed the information.

And the more Nola thought on it, the more she could see Naima was right.

Whenever they drifted in and out of each others lives Naima had always been there for her. Be it lending her money, supplying her with drugs or the occasion she'd stood up to Geri. Naima had been nothing but a loyal friend.

A while neither of her sisters had done anything to make Nola doubt their loyalty yet, she questioned how well she really knew them. They'd been living separate lives for the best part of two decades. Why would girls who's only connection to her was blood be loyal?

"I should go in there and confront her about this?" she said after some time.

"Is that a good idea? You're angry and you might say something you don't really mean. Why not come home with me for now, and give yourself time to think all this over. Then come back in a couple of days and ask Esmee about it then."

"But … won't they worry?"

"I don't know, Nola, would they? No one questioned where you were all day and your sisters seem preoccupied with Sebastian and Quinn. If you're really that worried you can leave them a note."

"I suppose so. And if would be good to spend some more time with you."

"That it would. I have a big comfy double bed, and a bottle of wine I can't drink all on my own. I have running water too, we could take a long hot bubble bath together."

"Sounds good. Okay, I'll come home with you. But its only for a few days, okay? Then I have to come back and have it out with Esmee."

"Sure thing Nola, whatever you say."
 Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. Please keep checking back for more updates in the coming weeks. 

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