Weekly Round Up and Character Pictures

So I'm just over half-way through my thirty days and only five thousand off my goal of 50, 000! Go me!!

Had a couple of slow days on Friday and Saturday, but made up for it today by writing nearly four thousand words. I'm aiming to bring my total up to the "winning" 50,000 tomorrow, and then I'm off to Southampton for three days for my dad's wedding.

When I return I hope to write at least another 20k before the 30th. That's only 2k a day. I can manage that, right?

Its funny, I've written 45k and I'm no where near the half-way point of my story. I'm not even as far along into the story as I was at this point in Destiny's Road. I'm perhaps a quarter of the way there.

Still its a lot of fun and I'm writing some great scenes. I'm about to work on one where one of my three main characters meets her love interest.

Also today I was playing around in Photoshop and made some image manipulations of what Nola, Esmee and Maggie would look like. The actress used in all three pictures is Haley Ramm, who played Gwen Tennyson in the movie Ben 10: Race Against Time and young Jean Grey in X-Men: The Last Stand. How cool is that?!

Right, I shall leave it here for now.

Thanks for reading and please keep checking back for updates.

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