So Close ... and yet so far.

So, I have only 2,214 words left to write until I 'win', which is funny, because I'm only about half-way through my story. 

Its strange, because, before I started this, I never even thought I'd reach 50, 000. Even though I've written two fan fictions of over 100, 000 words each, that was at my own pace, and over a period of many months. Plus, life wasn't as hectic back then, and I didn't have an (almost) one year-old son to look after.

Additionally, this is the first original story I've ever put any real effort into. I've got two other original stories, one in the planning stage with maybe a paragraph written, and one with perhaps 1000 words written, but neither of them just gelled like this one has.

I tell you, creating my own world, my own characters, my own lore has been amazing. Usually, with the fan fictions I've written, I have created at least one original character, and taken some liberties, but I've always been confined to the constraints of that world.

This is all mine. And you know what, it feels amazing! Creatively, its probably the thing I'm most proud of, and over all in my life, it ranks highly, too. 

So, even though I'm just 2k away from 'winning' I still have a lot of ground to cover, and I'm still really excited about this story. There are so many interesting bits I've yet to write, and a character still to be introduced, who is all levels of awesome (unless there's an eagle involved ^_~). 

Its nice, knowing I've gotten this far, but I'm still as inspired as every by the story. 

And so, I'll leave it there for now, and go watch some TV with the hubby before bed!

Thanks for reading, and please check back soon for another update. Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, I will have reached that magical 50, 000!

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