Its Nearly Time.

So, today is NaNoWri-Eve, and I think I'm all prepared. I have a few more tiny details to iron out, but I'm hoping they come to me as I write.

For those who don't know, I'm writing epic/ high fantasy this year. It'll be inspired by all my favorites, like GRRM, Tolkien, CS Lewis etc. Along with reaching the 50, 000 word target, if my novel ends up even half as good as the works of those guys, I'll be pleased.

So, without further ado, here is my novel's synopsis.

When the King of Elanya, and his three sons, are mysteriously murdered by dark forces, it falls to a simple villager named Forbe to discover why, and by whom.

However, that's not all Forbe unearths along the way; as he finds out that his father was actually the King, and his mother once belonged to the mythical race of the Fae, but gave up her immortality for him.

Now, under the tutelage of Gillious – a Fae himself, and cleric of the royal court – Forbe must master the magic inherited from his mother, prove himself worthy to rule Elanya, and find out the source of the darkness threatening to overcome the kingdom.

Standing in Forbe's way is Abbashara - one of The Fallen (corrupted Fae) – who is amassing an army, with the intent of breaking out of their shadowy, prison realm and concurring not only the kingdom of Elanya, but the whole continent of Neressia, too.

And, for your enjoyment, here is a map of Neressia. Some of the countries will feature in my novel and Forbe will visit them, and some countries will just be mentioned in passing.

The Lands of Neressis - click to enlargen. 

And of course, as the synopsis mentions, the main character is named Forbe. Forbe is a simple village boy, who soon discovers his true parentage, and that a bigger desitany than he once though, awaits him. Accompanying Forbe on his adventure will be two companions. I don't want to say much yet, but one will be a shape-shifter from the coountry of Kanos, and the other an assassin from the icey kingdom of Polenkar.

I hope my synopsis and map have whetted your appetite, and that you'll keep checking this blog as NaNoWriMo progresses, to see how I'm doing and how Forbe's journey unfolds.

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