COVER REVEAL -- Wings, Witches and Wonder

I'm excited to reveal the cover for my paranormal romance WINGS, WITCHES AND WONDER, coming to Ream Stories this October!

He came to me in my dreams. Whispering my name.


The man made of alabaster.

Ever since her magical abilities manifested at thirteen, Madelyne Grant has been dreaming of the alabaster man, and hearing his voice called out to her.

Now a fully-fledged member of the supernatural Order of the Ancile, Madelyne uses her biokinetic abilities to help others, while in secret she searches for the man from her dreams.

When her dreams lead Madelyne to the allegedly haunted Chanctonbury Ring on the British south-eastern coast, she finds a hidden barrow buried underground.

And there in a chamber leading off from the barrow’s many labyrinthine tunnels she finds the alabaster man of her dreams.

Using an ancient grimoire, Madelyne combines her biokinetic abilities with blood magic, to awaken the alabaster man; who reveals himself as Kalas, the last of an ancient race of supernatural, humanoid beings called the Kralian.

Having dreamed of Kalas for almost half her life, Madelyne is drawn to his ethereal beauty and impressive physical form, and soon sparks are flying as the two unite.

But everything Madelyne thought she knew is soon called into question when Kalas reveals it was an early form of The Order of the Ancile who wiped out the Kralian and that a witch with abilities very much like her own imprisoned him in stone.

Now Madelyne is torn between the only place that’s ever really felt like home, and the only man she’s ever loved.

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